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Monday fanaticism

Since it's Monday, not many people will see this, but...

I'm a little disappointed in some of my fellow riders who say that America is the best and we deserve to consume all that we do. That's pure nationalism and in the words of the punk band Anti-Flag "You don't have to be a racist to be a nazi f**k, your mindless nationalism gives you credentials enough". If we were "the best" nation, then we would take the responsibility to say yes, we DO have the freedom to drive and consume what we want, but we're going to be smarter than that. Unfortunately, we aren't smart or responsible about some things.

I commend Burns for this column because sometimes there ARE more important things to discuss than motorcycles. Also, thank God for someone who will not be swayed by sponsorship into writing the same things that all the other for-profit media outlets write and speak about.

Thank you Burns.

--Oh yeah, they hate us because we kill their innocent civilians (hmmm, I THINK that's called terrorism, right?) and have corporate entities in their third-world nations.
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