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Don't buy the liberal propaganda JB

=== JB say:

"their parents raise them to hate us." Wonder why? Could it be, ohh, I dunno, we shat on their parents too?


Shat on their parents? how so? Don't buy into the leftist media arab-victim bs.. We nor the jews have kept them repressed and living in squalor. they did it all by themselves.

They don't hate us for our lifestyle. The whole gas guzzling, SUV, bigger is better thing is just an aside. I believe they hate us purely for our support and backing of israel which, if not for our support, would be long gone. From all I have ever read about the conlfict, their hatred of Israel is baseless and irrational considering the facts and the history. The trouble is, we know their history better than they do. They don't know the facts just the propaganda spread by their leaders.

That said, point taken about the SUV's being a big waste. Our collective american lifestyle disturbs me too, and i'm no tree hugger by any means. Gluttony is a good word for it.
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