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Re: Stupidity on display

To mis-quote Homer Simpson:

"Motorjournalists! Is there anything they don't know?"

Ah, to have an article about the joys of racing motorcycles in the same week as this drivel is fit for O. Henry.

Paraphrasing bumper stickers about 25% of the world's energy is the height of journalistic prowess. Ostensibly a journalist, perhaps you are obliged to dig deeper, as it were, to find out what the U.S. produces. Agricultural products? Computers? Life-saving Pharmaceuticals? Clean air? A market whereby a little-talented on-line journalist can make money from the personal disposable income of fellow Americans? Find out how many billion dollars in goods and services are given to other countries to promote democracy, so that women can go to school in Afghanistan, slaves are freed, and despotic regimes are overthrown worldwide. Why? To para-quote thus:

"All men are born with alienable rights; amongst these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness"

As for saying that foreign countries are better than America, that has got to be the most ill-informed assertion in the world.

The U.S. has a greater breath of freedom for all citizens than any other country in the world. It's why we produce most of what world consumes. People don't risk their lives, their sacred fortunes to live in [email protected] for the opportunity for better lives. They come HERE.

You, John Burns, are able to live a comfortable life writing about *recreational vehicles* because of the bounty that this country provides you.

Be Thankful for It. That guy may be a MO subscriber.

@I don't mean to pick on Spain specifically. It's just an example.

I think I just might let my subscription expire.
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