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Depends on what your definition of

What exactly is "unprofessional"?

Illegal accounting practices that bankrupt a company, forcing employees to hold or buy stock you know will become valueless while you sell personal holdings, becoming even more exhorbitantly wealthy while they lose everything?

No, that's not it. Wait, I remember now:

Having a few too many ****tails at a celebratory dinner, maybe making an inappropriate comment or knocking something over and thereby tarnishing the near-perfect image of corporate America.

Thankfully we were saved from ever thinking that those in charge could ever be like us or do anything that might injure a third party.

Seriously, I agree with you rant that Americans are victims of their own creation. We refuse to even reduce our energy/petroleum consumption, let alone consider alternatives. Why would we want to use something like hydrogen to power our internal combustion engines, which outperforms petrol based IC engines, when we can use an unreliable, finite, and expensive source? (For those of you that will cry Hindenburg, I can say this: hydrogen burns clear, the Hindenburg did not. This is because the skin of the airship was painted with a compound similar to rocket fuel that started the blaze. Yes, hydrogen is flamable, but so is gasoline).

Wait, that would actually make sense, but so would reducing consumption.
1 - 1 of 211 Posts
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