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<B>Burns:</B>: Friday Fanaticism

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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

More power to you, JB! Glad you have a new venue to showcase your remarkable talent. This coming from me - a slightly right-leaning, pro-capitalist bonehead who doesn't have all the answers. Peace out, brother.
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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I am reminded of the old saying " all generalities are wrong, including this one "

It is very tempting to simplify complex problems by giving simlpe answers to them. Many feel this is the appeal of religion particularly in the fundamentalist they fundamentalist Christian or Muslim. I'm not sure that I can agree with your contention that " most people are good " It isn't that I feel that they are bad but the motivation

of an individual's behavior has been the topic of arguments among philosophers, criminalogists,sociologists, psychologists, priests, nausium.The important thing to me is that we as individuals and as a society continues to try to see why the other fella acts and believes the way he does. Warfare and murder are not new phenomenoms but now as always they are symptoms of a failure. I think it was the Budda who said " the man you have most to fear is that man who has nothing to lose " As the wealth of the planet becomes concentrated into fewer and fewer hands we may be creating millions with nothing to lose. All that said I have to say that my own solution for left lane drivers is to have them removed from their vehicles, stripped naked, staked out spread eagle in the divider strip and pour honey into their eyes and allow the insects to eat their brains out.
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