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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

First Post! Sweeeeeet! Enjoy the column, and as a right wing capitalist, I would have to say that your column is not from from the point, if not dead on. Believe it or not sportsfans, there is a growing number of Americans that don't give a rats ass if they get 20 miles per gallon or 8 miles per gallon as long as they have the newest, biggest SUV on the planet. My parents are a prime example. What the hell do two retired people need an Expedition (sp?) for. To "haul around grandkids you say". Sorry, all five are two wheeled instead of two legged. Sorry mom! "We might buy a big boat". Crike, you have 5 boats and they all stay moored at the lakehouse, never towed a one anywhere. "Well we might take a long trip". BS, you'll fly, then rent a Expedition. with a third bench seat for the two of you. "What if we are in a wreck?" Well if everyother vehicle on the road wasn't a 5 ton behemoth that couldn't get out of it's own way, we may not have that many wrecks or at least less force in those we do have. And while you at it, freaking hang the cell phone up.

I digress, your column as usuall is excellent.

P.S. If Motorcyclist doesn't appreciate "drunken, unprofessional behavior" in it's proper environment, then you are the better for being gone.
1 - 1 of 211 Posts
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