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Re: Friday Fanaticism

Thanks John. Another good'n.

My thoughts. People in the US choose SUV's for a number of reasons, one of them being the missperception of safety that the media conveys upon them. Perhaps, if our young drivers were better trained, and driver's licenses harder to attain, this type of behavior would not be exhibited. It is telling that the US is the only country in the world where automobile with automatic transmissions outsell manuals.

As far as oil consumption goes, there are archaeologists who believe that that the largest deep oil deposits have yet to be located. Do these other posters really believe that there is an ongoing conspiracy to bury technological advances in powering vehicles? Heck, we could do much by just going full-bore on nuclear power. Nuke waste concerns? remember, crude oil was once regarded as a useless by-product of natural gas production.

So, where am I going with theis?

1. We have lousy drivers in the US, always will.

2. I believe the energy production picture is much better than expressed here on this board.
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