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So what exactly did you do?

Did you puke in the fish bowl? Feel up Sandra Day O'Connor? Crash one of the CBRs? What?Does Boehm drink beer? He looks to me like someone who doesn't. Is he a real tight ass?

Anyway, I enjoyed your column even if I don't agree with most of it, and my disagreement stems from your basic premise, I guess. I don't feel that "people" in general are good or bad. We just are. We are all sacks of gelatinous guts and gore with the same general needs and desires matched to wildly disparate capablities to achieve those needs. All of us, from Mother Teresa to Stalin, are solely motivated by self interest, however sublimated that self interest may be, and however misguided in its attempt at fulfillment. Some people we like, because they are like us (or enough unlike us to make them interesting). Some people we don't like. We get along with those or we kill them, whatever we can get away with.

I do agree with your general feelings about the use and ownership of SUVs. They suck and the people that own them suck. I know I can hardly talk about gluttony however, without appearing the hypocrite. Actually, most of us can't. Most of us own way too much, use way too much, waste too much to point our fingers at the other guy. That's America. That's any population with the same resources as America. That's life.

As for Bush, I really don't give a ***** if he recognizes the reasons why all the muslims hate and want to kill us. Who knows why they do and, really, who cares? That's just another bit of gluttony you get to wallow in as an American; the luxury of two huge oceans and friendly neighbors that allow you to gaze at your navel while whole countries of fanatics plot your destruction. We are fast approaching the last chocolate in that box, as September 11 indicates all to plainly.
1 - 1 of 211 Posts
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