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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

Another excellent tirade, JB. Hey, you forgot to mention that terrorism is financed by the purchase of the sacred jurrassic juice. Fifteen of the nineteen hijackers came from Saudi Arabia. And Saudi Arabia gets its money from the sale of oil. So every time somebody fills up the tank of his Brontosaurusmobile, he's also donating to the movement for international terrorism, in addition to making our highways unsafe and puking excess carbon dioxide into the air.

Let's raise the price of gas to $4 a gallon. I don't care. I ride a motorcycle. And I'm sick of getting dirty looks from the twirps in Bronto-mobiles every time I swoosh by them in the HOV lane.

Do I sound like I'm pissed at their disgusting display of irresponsible behavior? I am.

Pass the Paxil.

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