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Re: Burns:: Friday Fanaticism

I believe anybody who does not live in the USA has some sort of hatred for us.

It is like a few years ago when the Cowboys were winning all the superbowls with all there flash.

We are hated because we are Numero Uno!

The way of the world is RULE or BE RULED.

The only way for Total brotherhood, or unity of all creeds and cultures is if ALIENS WANTED TO TAKE OVER OUR PLANET.

If there was only ONE race of people on the plane, ALL of the same religion, ALL with blond hair and blue eyes somebody would fine something to hate about somebody else. May People who had zits on there face would feel repressed because the others have clear skin.

We are the best. We have to enjoy it because NO country or Government has remained in tact forever. Ask the Egyptians, Greeks, or Romans.
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