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Sounds familiar. When my grandfather came back from WWII, he promptly bought a Harley. Promptly crashed it as well. That was enough for grandma - no more motorcycles. Probably saved his life (he was a terrible driver, too).

Lots of doughboys came back from the WWII and Vietnam after the 'thrill of war' (in this context) to find themselves bored to tears in law-and-order America. What's the most fun you can have outside of liquor or a brothel? Motorcycles.

The Hells Angels MC were started by vets who had nicknamed their fighting unit... the Hells Angels. Go figure.

Now, boys and girls are coming back from 24/7 attacks, firefights, IED's, snipers and so forth to a country that despite rampant gang violence, idiots in gridlock traffic and so forth, must seem pretty tame in comparison. Especially if you land back in some snoozeville rural burg with one stoplight.

So what to do? Well, there's always meth and crime sprees, but if that's too dark, there's always motorcycles.

Problem is, a 600cc bike now packs 100hp and near Indy-car speed, a far cry from grampy's WLA Harley 45.

So combine no riding skills, rocket-powered bikes and a very high fear tolerance, and you have the perfect storm for a major uptick in vets having motorcycle accidents.

At least that's how I see it.

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