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The ongoing persecution of servicemen about motorcycles

I'm back as of 2 weeks ago, and I haven't rode yet. Why? I'm out in less that 50 days, this time for good. The persecution at Camp Lejeune has become such a problem, I don't even want to ride anymore. I have to sign papers for this, papers for that, a Page 11 entry just for owning a bike, and mandatory monthly meetings. It's insane.

The real shame is that I am responsible. I wear zip together leathers for a 'day out' and boots, jacket, gloves and helmet with the god-awful road guard vest at the least everytime else. I have been riding for 8 some years now. I've had one speeding ticket in the last 7 years. I stay out of trouble, and understand there is a time and place for exuberance and histrionics.

Yet I see riders every day blowing off the Corps' rules, and not being stopped. The problem is not lack of smarts, it's lack of leadership. Small unit leaders at this base have been so stripped of authority that it's difficult to stop juniors from doing it. The senior enlisted and officers in beanie helmets and short sleeve shirts on Harleys are ignored from a disciplinary standpoint, and on the subject of enforcement, they don't set a good example.

There are still gaping holes in the uniform regluations as well. Why? Because they're not written by motorcyclists, and quality data on the results of crashes with good protective gear on are non existant. People are paying $40 for an Icon road guard vest to meet the regs, and have on a long sleeved cotton shirt and a novelty helmet. Most fatal accidents are of the "motorcycle leaving the road" variety, and a line green reflective vest just isn't that abrasion resistant. Well, it does help other people see you though! Golly, then, problem solved. Sigh. My disappointment continues.


P.S. Note that there is now offical U.S. Army branded leathers available, and yet you have to put something over them to ride on base because they do not meet the PPE requirement. Interesting, hm?
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