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I agree. Sometimes it doesn't pay to scream. There is the underlying issue of the ability of these low skills riders to drop by their local dealer and buy a very powerful sportbike, even using mfgrs. low credit rates. I am all for tiered licenses in the good old USA. If it works for airplanes it works for motorcycles. When I was a VFR (visual flight rules) pilot I still had a blast, now that I have moved up, still have a blast. Seems to address a lot of issues. OH, I forgot about the "freedom" issues- freedom to kill ourselves, freedom to act irresponsibly, to not wear a helmet, to carry guns, etc. If we are sheep enough to sit still for airport security (sic) then tiered licenses are not a freedom issue.

If you let loose a low skill pilot with a high performance aircraft, you increase the chances of a bad result significantly. The only difference from motorcycles is the barrier to entry ($$$) for a pilot. Sill we have accidents - most of which are "pilot continued flight into adverse conditions" aka pilot error. Testosterone and no fear is a very dangerous mix.
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