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I have a different perspective.

Last night I was watching "two wheel Tuesday" on the Speed channel. They showed several stunters in action, doing stoppies and wheelies. One was only a boy, FOURTEEN YEARS OLD. That is inappropriate, because at 14 he is a boy not a man. He cannot make an informed decision. I changed the channel, because by watching it I felt that I was in some way approving of it.

Now this situation is 100 percent different. These are grown men NOT boys. They have the right to participate in risky but legal pastimes.

Personally I feel that a cbr1000 is way beyond my abilities, I will stick with my 40hp gs500f. I wear a fullface DOT/Snell helmet every single time I ride. But no government should force me to do those things. If a grown man wants to start riding on a cbr1000, with no helmet, then I say the government should not stop him.
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