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Bad Starter?

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Since the starter doesn't work at all, no click or anything after 20m riding I'd suspect the starter solenoid. Your starter may have the solenoid integrated with the starter.

Check for loose connections to the battery and especially the ground cable.

A weak battery that is cold may start the bike, but when hot there is too much resistance and not enough current to trip the solenoid. A nearly dead battery can fool you, because they charge up easily to about the correct voltage, but won't put out enough current to turn a start motor. If the solenoid doesn't trip nothing happens. They're designed this way to protect the starters. But it's a pain when the battery is weak because sometimes it works and then leaves you stranded.

Fourth gear rattle - it may be that in fourth gear whatever is loose rattles because the resonant vibration is at just the right frequency. So, this may or may not be related to the starter problem.
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to expand on the above - might want to check the battery for its charge. I had a old bike that would overcharge the battery caused by a bad regulator. It would bake the battery until it had no reserve capacity to start the bike. get your DVOM out and check all connections - will be easy to see if the starter solenoid is working or not. If it is and battery voltage is ok, consider doing a voltage drop test to isolate the problem. This will tell you quickly if you have a connection or battery cable issue.
The secret is, "no solenoid click"... and it's is usually a power loss or ground loss at solenoid. the solenoid is "on" or "close to" starter (ie engine heat, loose dirty connection or mounting)

...also... It could be a compromised (border line) solenoid core, due to heat, dirt, rust, water combination... where is your starter solenoid physically located?

MacGyver just called. He says he has a piece of string, a rubber band, a 9 volt battery, some chewing gum and super glue. He seems convinced that he can fix your bike. I explained he did not know what was wrong with it and unable to fix with those items. He tied me up with a shoelace and a piece of bailing wire - says he is on his way to see you now.
I just checked on, and the solenoid IS separate. You can always jump the contacts when it doesn't work to make sure a new solenoid will solve the problem.

BTW, a new solenoid is about $50 from
Just use the kickstarter. You've got one of those on you bike, right?


Re: Bad Karma?

And WTF, why don't they have kickstarters on bikes any more? Even dirt bikes don't have kickstarters nowadays (foo foo ones that is).

Last thing I want is to be stuck in a sandwash somewhere with a dead battery and no kickstarter.

Oh, and that tinny, intermittent, arrhythmic clank or rattle in fourth gear is the sound of an anemic smogged up 4 striker trying to overcome the weight of it's own flywheels.

Get a CR500.
Re: Bad Karma?

kickstarter is useless cause the seat is too tall to climb up there and kick anyway. whip out cell and call 24-hr assistance, give GPS coordinates.

Ok, stimulating thread! what happen to Buells in Utah?? I c nothing...
Buells no show

How could that happen?
Kickstarter KIT actually is available for this bike. Costs about $300 IIRC.

The dirt only version was, at one point, available with kickstarter and no magic button.
Re: Bad Karma?

..real men ride four strokes ..always have..say no to stink wheels :)
Re: Bad Karma?

Sissy babies rule this country. They gotta have a button 'cause the seat's too high, it's hard to start when it's hot, their too weak to kick it through the compression stroke. How are they supposed to start it on a muddy hill? Or in the rocks, or in a stream? Sissy babies. Let the cougars eat 'em when the button dies. We'll be a stronger nation once again.

And that CR would snap them in half when it coughed and didn't start from their sissy baby half-assed kick.
Re: Bad Karma?

No Buells;

1 4 Joshua Hayes Gulfport, MS Honda

2 96 Aaron Gobert Murrieta, CA Honda

3 32 Eric Bostrom Las Vegas, NV Yamaha

4 40 Jason Disalvo Stafford, NY Yamaha

5 69 Danny C. Eslick Broken Arrow, OK Suzuki 6 481 Ryan L. Andrews Robinson, TX Honda

7 34 Michael F. Barnes Boca Raton, FL Suzuki

8 79 Blake R. Young Waunakee, WI Suzuki

9 56 Tony Meiring Tracy, CA Suzuki

10 87 Taylor C. Knapp Lapeer, MI Suzuki

11 725 Dale Kieffer Las Vegas, NV Suzuki

12 317 Armando Ferrer , Kawasaki

13 47 Opie Caylor Marietta, GA Suzuki

14 115 Berto Wooldridge Walnut Creek, CA


15 64 Jeremiah J. Johnson Tarzana, CA Suzuki 16 42 Chris L. Siebenhaar Fremont, CA Suzuki

17 269 Johnny Rock page Phoenix, AZ Yamaha

18 420 Tamer Kekhia Portland, OR Yamaha

19 272 David Glenn San Francisco, CA Suzuki

20 172 Jessica lynn Zalusky Elko, MN Kawasaki

21 135 Ty Howard Weatherford, TX Honda

22 316 Victor Chirinos , Kawasaki

23 75 James Kerker Marysville, OH Honda

24 85 Ryan D. Elleby Powder Springs, GA Honda
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Re: Bad Karma?

well i agree but after a couple of laps on the ol four banger ..kicking a reluctant engine sure tires a man out ...and lets all the mobile chicanes get past again ...cant beat the electric leg in that situation especially if you dont have an auto decompressor on the kick...lots of red faced swearing pilots crying bitter tears
Is that the 実質の人 version?
Re: Bad Karma?

Get off that diesel and get a CR500!
thanks. i'm deducing that a "starter relay" (at bikebandit) is the same as starter solenoid, no?
Re: Bad Karma?

Amen to that. After a few knee surgeries and too many hot flame-outs in those damn high Rockies, I have grown to love the button. And there is nothing quite like having your boot slip off a slimey kick-start lever and smashing your shin on a peg. After doing that for the tenth or so time in one day, the button is heaven sent. My comments earlier were, of course, tongue in cheek.
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