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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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In Utah it appears that 600cc Supersports are sold with free t-shirts, shorts and sandals as a promotional gimmick.

I've lost count of the idiots I've seen blazing down the Interstate at 90+ with nothing on but shorts and sandals. Sometimes they wear a helmet with their sandals and shorts... as if it would matter.
Be careful when you call Mensa that you don't give them your real name 'cause then you might go on that "useless bread gobbler" list they keep.
Fool. Everyone knows that you're not supposed to use mil spec 0993872655284661. Sheesh. Where you from? You're supposed to use mil spec 0993872655284661-1!
Don't forget to add a tube of valve lapping compound every third oil change to keep the valves properly seated.
Re: #2.

I bet he expects that he get far more paid out to him in Social Security benefits than he pays in too. And he expects that Medicare (meaning other people) pick up his medical costs when he's old and no longer working.

I propose that anyone who ever ate at McDonalds be denied any taxpayer funded medical care, period.

This is fun. I bet we can deny everyone medical care because they are doing something "unhealthy" and/or "dangerous".
I agree. But we shouldn't stop there. How about we stop all motorcyclists from wearing helmets because they are all so stupid that they are doing something as dangerous as riding a motorcycle.

Especially this applies to people who ride motorcycles that can travel at speeds over 150mph. Obviously such people are so incredibly stupid that they should be killed off to save society.
Thank you. I konw so little after 40 years of riding every type of bike. I rely on experts like you.

By the way, the stopping distance of your 999 is more than either a VRod or a VTX1800 or a DuckST4.

I'll gladly take any naked standard, even a Sportster, with its wide handlebars and situp position over your Duck (or any sportbike) and it's clipons for the ability to see all around me and for collision avoidance.
1 - 7 of 118 Posts
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