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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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Attention Motorcyclist


There, the latest and best article on helmets.
A little off the topic.

Sorry for the hijack;

Can I use the moto-man engine break-in technique on my new Yamaha Vino 125?

Thanks for all your help.
Re: A little off the topic.

No helmet. I use it mainly on the sidewalk and at night so I really don't see any need for a helmet. I may wear my Mtn. bike helmet if I go off road or jump it.

Thanks Tigercub.
High point

Best part of my day; watching Kp getting slapped in the face by bigdx.

I wish. #2 is grounds for a hate crime lawsuit. "Why do you single out bikers to die when this can be prevented?" The American people can't stomach responsibility for their own decisions.

It's like the war, you're damned if one of our soldiers dies, your damned if you kill a civilian.
Re: Not surprised

I depends on where you try to use it.
1 - 6 of 118 Posts
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