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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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Did you read it? I don't think so..Buz you saw my name on it and boom GPTB response. I think if you read it carefully you would agrre that it is probably the most balanced editorial written on this subject. In fact there are some points that your buddy longride has been making. No go back to Go and do no collect $200.
Move along Browningbar there is nothing to see here..
that's why you are into marketing Buz
Not surprised

I am not suprised you only wear a half head...Being a Red Stater you probably were your town's poster child for no child left behind hugh.. Well the statistics say Most impacts to head injury accident are to the face and frontal part of the skull... So you must not like your face huh? See Proficient Motorcycle Riding book for the exact numbers.
Re: to helmet or not?

half a dim are..
Re: High point

but remember I am the Bruce Lee of MO... he slaps my face I kick his ass...
1 - 6 of 118 Posts
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