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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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Be careful when you call Mensa that you don't give them your real name 'cause then you might go on that "useless bread gobbler" list they keep.
My momma once said, "Forest, stupid is as stupid does. So, if you have a worthless head why bother to wear a helmet?"

My momma loves me, she even bought me a tee shirt and sandals to wear while riding my busa? The shirt has an arrow pointing straight up and says "I'm with stupid!"

That's all I have to say about that.....
Didn't seem all that balanced. The comment that if you were in an accident at 55 mph you don't stand much chance anyway is crap. I'm living proof. The helmet looked like it had been hit by a viking with a mace, but my head was fine.
Cool, another helmet thread, there's some new faces around here, I'll bet they have a well reasoned and thought out position either for or against...we need to break it down though,

1) Pro helmet, pro helmet law....

2) Pro helmet, anti helmet law...

3) Anti helmet, anti helmet law..

4) Anti helmet, pro helmet law (but only for newbies...)

5) Anti everything, pro una-bomber, kill everyone, start the revolution...

6) Anti everything, anti una-bomber, start the revolution but don't kill everyone...Just like stomp on their toes or something....

That should cover it...I know LET'S START AN OIL THREAD....I'LL GO FIRST.....

I think your stupid if you put car oil in a have to use 10w 40 Mobil One Full Synthetic mil.spec.0993872655284661, not that crappy gold cap mil. spec. 987726635482.988726 or else you rings won't ring, your bearings won't bear and you pistons won't work either....
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Bean oil is the ONLY ANSWER! I'll let you know when I determine the associated question...
Re: If You Have a Five-Dollar Brain...

"Until they develop a prosthetic brain"

They have ... what do you think kp has been using all the while?
Fool. Everyone knows that you're not supposed to use mil spec 0993872655284661. Sheesh. Where you from? You're supposed to use mil spec 0993872655284661-1!
You shouldn't use that kind. It's "too slippery."
Thanks for the oil tip - is that ok to use before my engine is broken in?

And how should I break it in, anyway - the manufacturer certainly doesn't know what they're talking about.
Re: If You Have a Five-Dollar Brain...

Well, whatever he's using, it is lodged in his @ss...
I've heard that if you don't use mil.spec. 883762534099826538.98 which is a full "Type 3" synthetic in the transmission it'll grenade the day after your warrenty runs out and the dealer won't cover it ........
For proper break-in you have to start with a cold engine, use Wal*Mart house brand 10w40, hold it at full throttle in neutral for 5 full minutes then shut it off, spray the engine with a garden hose and then tighten everything up with thew biggest breaker bar you can find....then drain the oil, fill the crankcase with gasoline, drain it out and fill it back up with more Wal*Mart 10w40

that way everything will wear in right and she'll run like poop through a goose..
"Bottom line----helmets good;helmet laws bad."

A little off the topic.

Sorry for the hijack;

Can I use the moto-man engine break-in technique on my new Yamaha Vino 125?

Thanks for all your help.
Don't forget to add a tube of valve lapping compound every third oil change to keep the valves properly seated.
Re: If You Have a Five-Dollar Brain...

I wish someone would develop a prosthetic brain. Coz I could sure use one. Between kids and grandkids my old one is about kaput!
Re: A little off the topic.

Yes. Works for all internal combustion engines. But, remember the Vino is not a 'Busa, so don't try to run it in like that. Are you wearing a helmet?
The article balanced the arguments pro and con for helmet use. The correct decision about whether or not to wear a helmet strongly favors wearing one over not wearing one.
to helmet or not?

I work in an ER and I ride. Wear a helmet. Helmets are life saving at speeds well above the legal limit in many situations. i will go one step further and say wear a full face helmet. Leather or other abrasion resistant material is also a must. It's ok to let those who ride decide, but it's just plain dumb not to wear one. I don't buy the argument about restrcting vision or hearing either. people will say that and ride bikes so lound they could'nt hear artillery firing beside them. it's a feeble argument at best.
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