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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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Re: A little off the topic.

No helmet. I use it mainly on the sidewalk and at night so I really don't see any need for a helmet. I may wear my Mtn. bike helmet if I go off road or jump it.

Thanks Tigercub.
Some known side effects of prosthetic brains ...

You develop an unnatural desire to adopt the political outlook of a Canadian (a French Canadian)

You develop an unnatural desire to own sissy dogs

You develop an unnatural desire to ride vintage small-bore ricers.

You start believing you are an executive

You start believing you are a pilot

You start believing you have a three digit IQ

You start believing insults received are actually compliments

You start believing your idiotic opinion matters

You start believing that the guy on the Harley is not really f*cking your wife.
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Re: A little off the topic.

Please get some video of the jump!
Even my dog knows it is nicer to have some wind in your face than racing around all day …
The notion that "motorists are far more hazardous to their health than whether they strap a helmet on" seems to be pretty faulty logic. The cars aren't going away any time soon, nor are they likely to be operated any more safely. That's exactly why it's incumbent on the rider to prepare for his next encounter with a hazardous or inattentive driver. Part of that preparation is proper gear including helmet, along with solid bike-handling and traffic awareness skillls and the willingness to exercise good judgment.
Re: to helmet or not?

Jeff Dean, one of the early members of BMWMOA has this at his website:

For non BMW folks, Dave Swisher is a very, very high miles long time BMW guy.

Check out the link.

Confidential to 'dx'. Keep on keepin on with that "wind in the face" routine. Very manly. Don't check out Swisher's post crash lid shot link above. After all, all you really need is the "right 'tude", dude.

As for me, I'll stick with my new fav, Arai XD which fits my "shoei" head better than any lid I've ever owned.
Re: A little off the topic.

Don't forget to search the MO archive for the Vino performance upgrade.
High point

Best part of my day; watching Kp getting slapped in the face by bigdx.
Nah, I normally wear a half in summer so the hair stays put ...
Re: Some known side effects of prosthetic brains ...

So long as I don't start believing I'm a cowboy from Brokeback Mountain! I can live with the rest.
Re: to helmet or not?

Have to wreck to hurt the head. I figure on staying on two wheels.

If you’re a squid that manages to wreck on a perfectly goods road, with perfect visibility and a perfect working motorcycle, then you better dress like a power ranger.

Ps. I do wear a half; that why I have wind in the face and not in the hair ...
Re: to helmet or not?

Of course if you're not a squid and wreck on a perfect day on a perfect road - except for that one patch of gravel that washed into the road mid-corner over the weekend - you'd wish you had dressed like a power ranger.

Funny how things don't always go how you figure 'em...

If you put sunscreen on your helmet, it will keep the UV rays from subtly damaging the shock-absorbing stuff inside. I made that up, but hell, it could be true. You saw it on the internet!
Add two tablespoonfuls of Kayro Syrup per quart of oil for best ring function. Unless you ride a two stoke, in which case, blow bye will result in crank case explosions.
There is really a very simple solution to this whole problem of helmet laws.

1. repeal all helmet laws

2. legally recognize that the failure to use a helmet forfeits the rider's right to any public funded health care following an accident where a helmet would have prevented the injury in question.

3. regulate insurance companies so that they cannot pass losses from an accident involving a helmetless rider on to other policy holders.

I don't care whether or not anyone else uses a helmet. I just don't want to be forced to pay for their stupidity.

Here's a prime example. Thousands of people every year attempt to summit Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainer. Often they don't make it and get stuck. The Park Service always attempts a rescue, usually endangering the lives of the Rangers or other rescue personnel. If rescued alive, the climbers have to foot the bill for the rescue.

If a person wants to do something more dangerous than it has to be, I have no problem with that. They should just be prepared to pay their own costs when it doesn't turn out the way they intended.
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I've been paying for the health care of stupid people, fat people, people who drink too much, smoke too much, take drugs, drive recklessly, shoot themselves, fall off ladders, burn themselves, drown in cold water, ski into trees, etc. I don't mind and some day I'm going to ask people to pay for my stupidity and I hope they won't mind.
I'm glad you don't mind footing the bill for those things. I think most people do mind. It's one thing to have an accident, totally another to be reckless.

I wish. #2 is grounds for a hate crime lawsuit. "Why do you single out bikers to die when this can be prevented?" The American people can't stomach responsibility for their own decisions.

It's like the war, you're damned if one of our soldiers dies, your damned if you kill a civilian.
I believe in a different sort of helmet law:

Anyone who would ride a motorcycle without a helmet should not be allowed to wear a helmet. The sooner they are out of the gene, jury and voter pools, the better.
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