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'Balanced Editoral on Helmets', says KSquid.

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What can possibly be said in a helmet thread that hasn't already been said?

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No, I think he's got you there queer-bait. You're gay as a picnic basket, that's why all the f*ck your wif crap, you're over compensting for being a little light in the loafers....
I don't think he's queer

He says he hasn't crashed in 15 years - Hey Jackass! Just because you're 15 and have never ridden a bike is no reason to brag!

Please, please, go get a bike and ride with no helmet. Do us all a favor.


Then again, Sarnali, maybe I'm wrong. Certainly the attitude is straight out of latent homos 'r us. And when I asked my mom about him, she did say he couldn't get it up without shemale porn. She's a ***** liar, though.
On queue, the smelliest **** defending his boyfriend …
Totally reckless could be classified as riding a motorcycle in a sea of cars. One man's meat is another's poison. Thank God we all don't have your attitude or motorcycles would have been banned shortly after inception.
Re: to helmet or not?

dx response reveals much. The point was that even someone with riding experience in the 99th percentile and a known expert rider, riding carefully can and did fall and fall HARD. And the full face lid saved the day - and face.

The link to Jeff Dean's site has a helmet schematic with zones of probable impact outlined from a recent study done in Germany. Without checking the Dean site again, as I recall, but wearing a half, dx is giving up 40% or so of the protection he is likely to need one of these days....

Years ago, Cook Nielson wrote an editorial in CYCLE that went something like this: Cook fell, Phil fell....then he went on for about a full page listing everybody in the Motorcycle World who is anybody noted that "they fell too" and ended with "and you will, too".

dx don't plan on falling. HAH! Neither does anyone else. Nor did I. And I did. Twice. In a 6 month period. 10 years into 35 years of riding. Never fell before that and never since...

Too bad this good info don't fit your tiny paradigm.

Pearls cast before a swine....
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Re: to helmet or not?

"you think the past is some kind of guide to the future"

Yes, it is a phenomenon called learning …

"i have never crashed before hence i will never crash in the future"

You say that, I did not.

"unfortunately that is out of your control unless you choose never to ride again"

No it isn’t. By putting into practice what I have learned over the years I greatly diminish the probability of having a wreck. Now that is a fact.

"to believe or argue otherwise may leave you open to the charge of being delusional or stupid"

The individual who cannot learn from the past is the one that is stupid and delusional. Obviously you do not agree with that.

"feel free to insult my mother, family choice of motorcycle, sexuality, nationality or whatever"

Not worth insulting …
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The $$$ always comes from somewhere. . .

As a final point to those who proposed not to allow public funds for care of individuals who crash a motorcycle without a helmet:

1. First, it's interesting, but would never, ever fly. Bleeding heart sentiment would win everytime. There would be pictures of disabled bikers in the paper every day saying, "Aren't I human, TOO? Now I've got all these bills. . ." And people would cry.

2. Removing public funding wouldn't stop them from receiving care anyway, if it's some eugenic argument you're shooting for. My hospital doesn't see an enormous amount of Medicaid patients as a result of our location (compared to inner-city), but we, like all other hospitals, tend to collect about 65-70% of our charges in a good day. The average motorcyclist is probably not eligible for Medicaid. He might not be able to afford insurance, but that doesn't mean Medicaid eligibility by a long shot. So, he comes in uninsured, guess who eats it every time? That's right, you do, Mister Consumer! That's why you pay $2 for a 4x4 gauze pad and $6 for a dose of Extra-Strength Tylenol. It's because we never get money from a third of folks who receive care. And legally, we cannot deny emergency care to anyone, under any circumstances, as things stand currently. Nor would I. Just some financial food for thought. . .

3. Personally, I like the helmet law with an insurance requirement. Call me crazy! I'll bet it would reduce (not eliminate) the number of helmetless uninsureds out there!
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Re: The $$$ always comes from somewhere. . .

EMTALA really turned ERs into the free clinic didn't it?

The law of unintended consequences strikes again!
Re: to helmet or not?

without getting too much further into this arguement; the phenomenon of learning reduces in this case crashes however the phenomenon of seeing the future or clairvoyance is still up for debate....the salient point which you appear to delibrately miss is that having an accident is not totally within your control..there are a million other factors other than your ability and experience in riding a bike ..other road users for one who may not have your experience...but i know you are well aware of this and i think you just enjoy misinterpreting what others say just to have a arguement....those who forget history are condemned to repeat it..i agree..those who think they can predict the bounce of a ball based on how it bounced before are give me a credible arguement not based on misquotes or grammatical semantics
Re: to helmet or not?

"… crashes however the phenomenon of seeing the future or clairvoyance is still up for debate "

No debate. That is not something I said. You go debate it all you want … on your own.

"the salient point which you appear to delib[e]rately miss is that having an accident is not totally within your control"

Your perception of what I said is out of my control; how I ride, when I ride, where I ride and subsequently the ability to lower the probability of having an accident is within my control.

By being an accident free road user the past 15 years has made me realize there is an extremely high correlation between being cautious and accident free. Conversely there is an extremely high correlation between bad riding habits and wrecking. Ask your insurance agent and local troop; they will verify.

"there are a million other factors other than your ability and experience in riding a bike ...other road users for one who may not have your experience..."

Yes, therefore I ride accordingly.

"but I know you are well aware of this and I think you just enjoy misinterpreting what others say just to have a[n] argument"

No argument. I ride carefully and do not have accidents. Is it possible that I may have one? Sure, but highly unlikely. If it does happen it will be at low speeds and more than likely of the ‘fender bender’ variety.

Squids ride like squids and end up wrecking frequently. They have some naïve notion that full-face helmets and body armor will protect them from their own misguided ‘abilities’ on public roads. It will not. Nor will it protect the innocent bystanders they hurt. The best protection is proper riding etiquette and good sense.

I’ll wear my half and drive sensibly … I am much safer than mr power ranger riding like his ass because he has delusions of being Valentino Rossi.
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Re: to helmet or not?

i think we are arguing the same point here, except for one thing; i believe you are overestimating how much riding defensively can help to not have accidents. it smacks of the same notion you point to with squids and that is overconfidence, its as easy to be overconfident of your experience as it is to be overconfident of your valentino rossi abilities. thanks for the spell checks but my mistakes relate to poor typing ability rather than poor spelling ability, maybe you can include a picture of a keyboard and which key to push with which finger, as this will be more helpful for me. for the record i wear a full face helmet and armoured cordura style clothes, mainly due to the climate than anything else and i commute to work everyday
Re: to helmet or not?

You are sadly mistaken if you think my attitude is one of over-confidence. Mine attitude towards riding is one of respect of road conditions and respect to other road users. And that has yet to fail me once in 15 years. (I have been riding for more than 30 years)

I wear a half as a big part of the enjoyment I glean from motorcycling is the sensation of the wind in my face. What is the point of riding if I do not get enjoyment out of it?

However, I am always somewhat perturbed by riders, who quite obviously speed (and by implication ride irresponsibly), berating me for being ‘unsafe’ by wearing a half. They take their enjoyment by being inconsiderate and disrespectful to other road users and are by no means safer than I. In fact, statistics, insurance companies and law enforcement will testify that they are the most unsafe road users out there.

As a side note: The difference between rider like myself and sports bike rider is that I do not break the law each and every time I go for a ride, nor I do not disrespect and endanger other fellow road users.

BTW. It is etiquette to place a square bracket around a correction when the post is quoting somebody else. If you are comfortable by posting misspelled words that is none of my concern. I am not comfortable with posting misspelled and therefore correct before posting.
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Re: to helmet or not?

well i have had 3 accidents in the last 4 years, one where i was rear ended at a traffic light, one where my bike slid on a diesel spill and one which was my fault. and i have been riding on the road for 10 years and off road since i was a kid almost 25 years. seeing as i was stationary for one of the accidents and travelling at 20mph for the other i fail to see how they could have been prevented by any action i took. this is exactly the random nature i am trying to get across to you, the random nature of biking accidents just like the random nature of most any life situation. i have ridden all types of bikes and tend not to confine my self to one particular genre though i do not own a cruiser at the moment. the helmet thing is no concern of mine one way or another. i mentioned that the climate here was the main factor for full face helmets, it isnt possible to ride here without one .. as for speeding well that wasnt my original thread i was only interested in the idea of control of a chaotic environment you had . are you american? the idea of the them (sports bike riders) and us (cruiser riders?) seems very prevalent. is this a typical attitude in the US?
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Where's ypur logic.....workmens comp only pays some...they still depend on insurance held by the same carriers the helmetless bukers use. The effect of an injury on your health insurance rates is the same whether its sustained riding with a helmet,without a helmet,racing,skiing or crossing the street on foot.
Re: to helmet or not?

Don't worry about bigdx. There's a 78 year old lady out there just waiting to T-bone him into oblivion just to disprove his theory.

By the way, add Larry Grodsky to the list who went down...and died.

Or, I could just tell dx about the MSF instructor in NJ who was killed by a left-turner. This guy was mister Hi-Viz-wearing safety rider. I'm sure he knew of the left turn scenario. Sometimes, it just doesn't matter on your experience or experiences bigdx.
Re: The $$$ always comes from somewhere. . .

Well, it was a pretty rare thing to begin with--but some providers were denying care to people in crisis as a result of their financial predicament, which is simply ethically inappropriate--not to mention a pretty dark thing to do, morally. However, the upside to this was that although indeed, as you point out, many ERs became "free clinics," medical centers bagn to combat this with the "Urgent Care Center," or similar--a place where people can go to get good care for the flu, sprains, and rashes without bankrupting our systems. Emergency medicine is awfully expensive in terms of overhead. Now, if we could just get that collection rate up. . .
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