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Band-O-Gear Hydration System

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It sounds like a good product. Too bad someone did not realize that photos of a black hydration system over a black jacket would be impossible to see well.

Also would not the black color suck up the most UV rays and make your H2O hotter faster than a light colored item?

Where is JB?
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what's that I see in the background??

A Van?

A FORD van?!

Please tell me that when you borrow the van from the office for the weekend that the "Motorcycle Online" magnets can be removed to reveal murals of naked women and big chrome stacks. Please tell me that there is shag rug and a disco ball inside and that it is the MO "fox magnet" and that Barry White is playin on the 8-trak. Please tell me that if the van-is-a'rockin', I shouldn't come-a-knockin'.

Please tell me that you--ahem, gentlemen-- don't actually own and voluntarily drive that which is possibly the total (cultural) antithesis of motorcycling. For the purpose of, er, work.

Oh, yeah, the product is pretty cool, too. Now that I'm doing 5-600 mile days at least a couple of weekends a month, my alertness wears out a lot faster than my gas tank. My heads begins to get sore well before my butt does. If I drank enough water to keep me going for another tank, I'd be stopping every 100 miles for relief. I don't like the camelbacks, and they look/feel pretty weird to me over a roadcrafter. But this, I could try this. Seventy bucks isn't too bad, either. This could be the third product I've purchased as a result of y'all's reviews. (the stich and the Arai are the others.)

Big fan of gear reviews, here, as I buy more of it, more often than bikes themselves.

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Most people might think that a little sip of water might not be necessary between fuel stops. Those of us that live here in the northern Sacramento valley or the deserts of the south west will find this sort of product a real boon to enjoyable riding. I have found myself dehydrated and extremely thirsty in less than two hours of riding when the temperature is over the 100 degree mark. Thank you Sean for a thorough review of this product. VWW
Other colors (and some trademark infringement)

I agree with the previous post about the black-ness of the System. (You ask yourself, how much more black could it be? The answer is: none. None more black).

Some people like to go low profile, and I can appreciate that. But, in addition to possibly heating your drink less quickly than black, other colors could be more conspicuous and/or fashionable.

Simple solid colors would allow one to co-ordinate with their wardrobe and/or bike. It would also allow the color blind among us to unwittingly single themselves out (you know who you are - we're on to you).

Think 'Stich Hi-Viz Lime Yellow (only less trademark restricted). Or hell, the whole System could be made of that retro-reflective silvery cordura that shines brighter than the surface of the sun. I can't imagine anything that reflects drink-heating UV rays like that stuff, and you'd be a whole lot more visible. Safety, convenience, and comfort, all in one System.

Speaking of 'Stich, what about covering strategic patrs of the System in their Evapa-Wrappa material? Cold water, how novel!

That I'd pay seventy bucks for. Warm water strapped to my chest...I'm not so sure about.
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Definitly need a Sneaky Leaker after 64 ounces of warm water. Sorry, I knew somebody would make the connection so.....Wait, I've got it! What about another bladder for under your right arm so you wouldn't have to...ohh...nevermind
Re: Vannin'

I am here, and as appalled as you, and yet strangely amused... the van is what we use since the dumpster got repo-ed the other month. Think of it as the garbage barge circling Manhattan, only in Torrance.
Thanks for the Spinal Tap reference

My all-time favorite movie.
With this and the Easy Leaker the rider could be like the old Harleys with the total loss oiling system.
Re: Thanks for the Spinal Tap reference

I don't think this product goes to 11
Try riding the Las Vegas to Salt Lake circuit in the summer. You could carry two Band-O-Gears(tm) and never need an EasyLeaker(tm).
What's wrong here? A motorcycle-designed accessory for under $100? Is this true?

Wonders never cease.
Damned right. Especially with an unfaired bike (my preferred way to travel) the evaporative loss is such that it is virtually impossible to get too much water. I normally have to refill my large camelback at every gas stop (and I usually slam down a gotoraide while stopped as well) when I ride in the southwest in mid-summer.

Re: Vannin'

Obviously you've never toured the pits at a MOTORCYCLE race.
Re: Vannin'

Sure I have, but I suspect that they have the shag rug, disco ball, and Barry else could they get all those foxy chiks to hold their umbrellas for them?

Definitely the Barry White.

That is the reason for my fundamental unease at both racing and off-roading: in both cases, you have to drive before you can ride. Ich.
Nice review of the product, but dont joke about having a beer while riding.. Its an insult to people who lost family members to drunken drivers.
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