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Bandit Problem

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A. Remove watch from wrist.

B. Pull stem and rotate until correct time is indicated.

C. Fasten watch to handlebars.

Hey, it works for my BMW.
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You won't believe this but you have to remove the engine to access the clock setting mechanism. D_amn them Japanesers.
a quick web search found this little gem:

"Re: Setting the clock.


you press both buttons at the same time. Actually, I believe you press one of them a millisecond before the other and hold them down until the clock blinks. One buttons changes the hour/min the other button sets the hour and moves the "curser" over to the minute.

Thank you,

Gennaro Galante

2001 Silver Suzuki Bandit 1200S"

I, obviously, can't test it as I have no suzuki bandit at my desk but I hope it helps.
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You can also get on the Dale Walker Bandit site and I'm sure someone there can help you. It should also completely corrupt your thoughts as to what you can now add to your bike.
Thats how you do it, left first then right, but close as you can, it takes a few seconds to start blinking so just hold them down. you can feel them click when you do it right. Congrates on the SMARTEST PURCHASE YOU EVER MADE IN YOUR ENTIRE LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! the Bandits a real kick in the ass, basicaly the small block Chevy of motorcycle engine building. Try Maximum-Suzuki as a source of all you need to know about Bandits, also Bandit Alley is pretty good. Holeshot performance is the place for cans and jet kits and other parts, have fun.
Everybody knows the answer to that problem!

Buy a Yamaha FJR1300 for any riding that may require a clock. Use the Bandit only when you don't need a clock.

The Highway MAXX

Time. It wastes and corrupts. Time is why we get old. Time is how we go from healthy to sick. It's because of time that she ran off with the milk man. The Japanese milkman.

Timeless. Timeless is the rumble of the only real engine. Timeless is brotherhood that masters it. Timeless is the stetch of road that winds away into the sunset. Timeless are the principles that gave us this land. Timelessness is why we rule it.

Only the Axis powers keep time. Only the foreign invaders force us to watch inane little dials for information. Because they have no souls. And becasue they have no souls, they wish to strip the red-blodded of theirs. They force us to watch, under the guise of giving us the pleasure of riding, every tick of their subversion, every tock of their hideous, poisoned, malcontent. They force us to watch every stroke of their invasion of our shores, our markets, our culture, our children's minds.

A true motorcyclist needs no corrupting influence of little needles, floating across a clock-face with no meaning. A Rider knows the soul of his beast. He knows it because it is his own soul. Thunderous. Timeless. Strong.

Better watch out, little watchmaker. Because while you are marking time, the Timeless have your days numbered.
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Re: The Highway MAXX


Watch out herseyHighwayman you have competition!

They call him

The_Aerodynamic_Head man...
Re: The Highway MAXX

So you don't know how to set his clock either?
Re: The Highway MAXX


They call him . . . The AerodynamicHead

It's not the smartest purchase he ever made. He just got the last EZ-Leaker.
It beats having to replace your cam bearings every 8 K miles, by the way, how are your hemorroids?
Re: The Highway MAXX

More Head! More Head! We want more Head!
I'm sorry. $11.94 for this?

BTW - there are Bandit 12 Yahoo groups. They could probably help...........
No, actually you didn't pay $11.94 for "THIS". You payed $11.94 for the whole site, "THIS" included. If you don't like "THIS", then don't read it, do something else with your time, and certainly quit crying about the money. The site is MORE than worth what it costs and has plenty of features for everyone. If there is a feature or news item that offends you, please feel free to skip it and move on.
Re: The Highway MAXX

That would be affirmative. Neither can I program his subversive VCR. there was technology.
Not crying one bit. JUST asking. And since I DID pay, I WILL voice my opinion on ANY aspect of the site.
The burgundy arm chaps with a big stylized silver "S" go really well with the Bandit, and you can alternate white and blue fringe for those festive 4th of July love rides!
Damn straight. When I buy a print (hardcopy) moto-magazine, generally only half the stuff is of interest to me, but I buy it for the articles that I want and ignore the rest ... and print mags never have any good information about clock-setting or head-bolts.
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