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Bayliss Sets New Lap Record at Monza.

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Re: Bayliss sets new lap record at Monza.

Go Troy/Duc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So far this has been a great season for Ducati fans. As old, under powered and slow as they are?

Now if we can just bring the GP6 motor over to SBK! If this happens perhaps Duc would give all their left over "L" twins to Buell at a discount, then both bikes would have a "real" motor. ;-)
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Re: Bayliss sets new lap record at Monza.

Another step in the death of twins in racing, eh.
Re: Bayliss sets new lap record at Monza.

Did anyone bother to tell'm?
It still surprises me that an L2 can be that good in a field of I4s. After all an L2 will never be able to produce the power of an I4. Torque yes, power no.

I always thought that on a track, in the end, power is king. On the street torque rules, but on the track power rules.

So what do they do that makes them win?
I know why

It's fluke I tell ya. No probably they are cheating yes they are cheating that's the ticket. :) Bayliss is a great rider.. I thought Edwards and him would do better in MotoGP..
Re: I know why

He's an incredible rider if the scuttlebutt is true that the Ducs are down 20-30 hp to the 4s.

The Suzuki clearly has more power than the Hondas cuz Corser would pass on every straight.
dunno i seen Bayliss go by corser at least once on straight. What is rules difference between AMA anyway? They used to make I4 in WSB wear intake restrictors but i thought not anymore? anyway, big difference somewhere...
Re: Bayliss sets new lap record at Monza.

Clanking engines save lives. Thats not an oil leak, it's metal perservant.

What's that on my sock?

"The entire rider and motorcycle are encased in a fine spray of warm 20/50 motor oil which acts as a barrier against deadly UV radiation."

Dookaties indeed.
Is it the tires?

WSBK uses the control tire. Maybe the I4s are overpowering the rear tire and spinning and the more forgiving torque curve of the Ducati powers away.
What does this tell us all about those "antiquated" two cylinder engines???

What does this tell us about Ducati's chassis and engineering???

Re: Gonadal circumference...

BIG CANTALOUPES. Huevos. Hydrophobia.
hmm maybe it is tires? AMA ducatis ride Michelin while everybody else is on Dunlop, hmmmm...
BTW, has anyone seen the F1 "race" this past weekend. I did not, but the commentary was that after Alonso and Schumacher went 1-2 for most of the race, just 1.2 seconds apart, but with Schumacher "putting pressure" on Alonso, Schumacher went ahead because he was able to do the right pit stop strategy, and once ahead he kept there. (Snore, wake me when it's over...). The superbike races at Monza had more passing and excitement in five minutes (Barros in the first race at the end, e.g.) than three seasons of F1. I still think that a top notch superbike series here (i.e. something other than factory Suzuki and the rest) will get audiences. How could it not?? It's just about the most exciting sport right now.
Troy Corsers comments... "The Ducati can accelerate out of the turns like no other bike - especially the four cylinder ones and their traction control allows Bayliss to get on the gas hard when the bike is still leant over."

so why can't hodgson and ben bostrom run with mladin and spies and jake zemke then?
It probably has to do with Ducati and their trickle down form MotoGP. Marelli has great electronics. Suzuki certaily doesn't seem to have the same success in MotoGP. So, if Superbike is a trickle down technology series, Ducati is way ahead of Suzuki, based upon MotoGP results.

Both Ducati and Suzuki use Bridgestone in MotoGP and both use Pirelli In WSBK, so tires don't seem to be the difference. Bayliss has had a TON of experience on the Duc so he knows how to ride it fast. That has to help.

Do they have traction control? I thought WSB allows traction control and AMA doesn't ...I could be wrong (usually am)
So is Marelli the traction control system? Is that system legal for AMA.. If so why are Hodgson and Bostrom doing so bad?
Suzuki probly uses something like MOTEC, some idiot did a story about Attak Racing FX GSXR1000 a few years ago on this site. With modern EFI, "traction control" can be programmed into the ECU and work great without being like an active system. Programmable EFI i think is the main thing that's allowed big I4s to be as tractable as twins.

which still doesn't explain why WSB ducatis are so much faster than ama ones. Probly ducati henchmen at Monza made corser et al an offer they couldn't refuse...
Re: Is it the tires?

You may be on to something there Buz.. One of the commentators said the big difference with Pirellis was they were more consistent throughout the race . He also said before the one brand rule the Michelens and Dunlops would be better than the Pirellis at first then tail off at the end badly.
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