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BTW, has anyone seen the F1 "race" this past weekend. I did not, but the commentary was that after Alonso and Schumacher went 1-2 for most of the race, just 1.2 seconds apart, but with Schumacher "putting pressure" on Alonso, Schumacher went ahead because he was able to do the right pit stop strategy, and once ahead he kept there. (Snore, wake me when it's over...). The superbike races at Monza had more passing and excitement in five minutes (Barros in the first race at the end, e.g.) than three seasons of F1. I still think that a top notch superbike series here (i.e. something other than factory Suzuki and the rest) will get audiences. How could it not?? It's just about the most exciting sport right now.
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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