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Be Grateful!

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LMAO! First!
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Some more common sense restrictions that we should follow.

An insurance official in Quebec, Canada, has suggested that the provincial government ban sportbikes over 400cc, according to a Canadian news agency.

This is common sense and we should move in this direction before others force us to do it. If we restrict ourselves to nothing over 400cc other will see this as a good gesture and will no longer hassle us.

Why do you need anything over 400cc? A 400 cc bike can go well over 100mph. Speed limits only go to 75. I think this is common sense.

If you need anything over 400cc you are obviously planning to break the law and you should be put in jail.
New Zealand Automobile Association is the way to go.

And the AA has given a warning to anyone considering getting a motorcycle to save a few dollars to "carefully weigh the increased risk to life and limb".

A modern small car has similar fuel efficiency but is up to 80 times safer than a large motorbike, says the association.

"A better option would be a bicycle, which is 10 times safer than a motorbike and gets you fit as well, while buses are the hands down winners on safety."

They are right. I feel this is the training and safety precautions we need. We should prevent people from buying motorcycles. This will decrease motorcycle deaths.

There is absolutely no reason to disagree. This is the right way to go. Push everyone to buying small cars and bicycles.

If you disagree you are wrong and uninformed.

Push the NZ AA Motorcycle plan TODAY.
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No, much like a radical liberal or an ultra conservative, it is the "Do As I say, Not As I Do" blathering.

The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

A councilor in Marikina wants to ban full face helmets.

A senator wants a law to force riders to paint their plate number on their helmets.

Bikes forced off tollways onto far more dangerous roads because 35 years ago a presidential escort was killed in an accident after he was ordered not to wear a helmet.

Adopt these laws, people! Take action and make it happen. Put the government in charge of letting us know how to keep us safe! These are prime examples of proper motorcycle safety regulations that we can have here. Anyone that opposes these basic safety measures is a criminal.
The Middle East: The Standard For Motorcycle Safety

The increased security vigilance in the holy cities has been a headache for motorcycle drivers used to scooting around town without proper paperwork or helmets.

As of yesterday, officials have already impounded about 350 motorbikes since heightened security operations began earlier this month, according to an officer who didn’t want to be named. "Those bikers that were caught riding without helmets can get their bikes back if they bring their helmets," said the officer at the scene.

Riders without proper documents can also recoup their bikes once they get their paperwork in order.

This is where we should head. Simply impound bike if helmets and proper papers are not on hand. We must keep the riders safe. Take their bikes and they will be safe.

This is just common sense. Get this legislation done. It is the right thing to do if it means saving even one life.
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Barbados: Making the proper move to motorcycle safety

All motorcycles over 500 cubic centimetres (ccs) should be banned from Barbados' roads, apart from those used by the police or the military.

Sealy said that motorcycles were covered by the legislation, and those over a certain power and speed had no place on Barbados' roads, since they were designed for highways with greater width and length. "Smaller motorcycles are fine, but it is beyond me why any human being, given the size of the roads in Barbados, and the closeness of our intersections, would want to mount a motorcycle with 1500 ccs. And the only thing you can have in mind is either dying or killing," he said.

This just makes so much sense to me. It goes back to my proven theory that anything over 400cc's are for criminals.

Ban anything over 400cc's to prevent any more action taken against the motorcycle community. This will prove to everyone that we can police ourselves and can put this issue to bed once and for all. No one will ever again mention motorcycle deaths ever again.
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Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Hey, if everyone wants to make d!ckish suggestions about common sense laws than lets get the sh!t train moving.

Just ask gun owners if compromise ever got them a [email protected] thing.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

"Motorcycle riders are dangerous and crazy"

We must pass these common sense motorcycle laws to prevent even one child (definition of child is anyone under the age of 25) from being injured.

We must stop these high powered motorcycles from getting into the hands of criminals.

We must hold the motorcycle shops responsible for the actions of these criminals.

We must put a 300% tax on motorcycle tires.

There is no reason to own a high-powered motorcycle in a large city.

Why are these bikes needed on the road? They should only be allowed for track use only.

Bikes should be locked up and stored at local race tracks and should not be aloud to be taken off the premise.

The gun and bike situation interchanges quite easily. And these idiots are stepping right up and wanting it to take place.
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Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

I did the same thing with the NRA.

And the gun community is just as fragmented.
Re: Barbados: Making the proper move to motorcycle safety

Glad to see you are coming around to seeing things the right way (i.e. my way).

We need to have greater control of what can be done. We need the government to step in and properly set us straight.
The BrowningBAR
Rider Privilege Plan

1. Limit all production
bikes to nothing over 400ccs

2. License plate numbers must be clearly visible on all helmets

3. All documentation of ownership must be available at all times

4. Documentation of training must be carried at all times

5. New helmets must be purchased every 3000 miles to ensure helmet effectiveness

6. New protective gear must be purchased every36 months to ensure effectiveness

7. DMV registration authorization tags must be purchased for all riding gear
and helmets to ensure they meet regulations.

8. To renew any DMV registration tags a written and course exam must be completed
to ensure all safety and training skills are up to date

9. Failure to meet any of the above is an automatic $500 dollar fine per violation

10. Local police should be aloud to pull over any motorcycle to ensure all safety
measure are up to date.

This will limit deaths and create a higher level of safety
for everyone. It is unfathomable that anyone would not want this to take place.
This is what the government is here for. Let's get the legislation in place
so we can enjoy our hobby safely.
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Thank you.

Really, I view this as a
starting point. There is so much more we could do to increase safety.

Long term, once the first
round of legislation is complete, we can move on to bigger things.

  1. Devices limiting bikes
    from exceeding the speed limit
  2. Automatic shut off to
    prevent high speed chases.
  3. Automatic shut off when
    aggressive riding is attempted
  4. A track only device to
    allow for aggressive riding
  5. GPS tracking for all
  6. Limit bike riding to
    optimum weather conditions to prevent biker fatigue on warm days and dangerous
    riding conditions on snow/ice/rain days. 65-85 degree days and nothing less
    than partly cloudy.
  7. Employers should be able
    to run a background report on all bike riders to see their riding history.
    Recklessness can be grounds for dismissal and continuous employment shows
    aiding criminal acts and attaches responsibility to the business if criminal
    acts or injury to property, community or citizens takes place during employment.
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Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

I'm gonna have to disagree with you on this. There are too many folks in the NRA willing to sacrifice other peoples gun right to secure there own.

Whether it's hi-cap mags, "assault rifles", or handguns. I have never seen such a group willing to burn the poor bastard next to them in order to secure their rights for the time being.

They also tow the party line far too much. The repubs are not much better at gun rights than the demos are and yet they continue to preach the "vote republican" mantra.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

I named my '79 mini "Beatrice".
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