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Be Grateful!

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LMAO! First!
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Where does one buy a car with more than four wheels anyway?
This ban was no doubt aided and abetted by a large group of Korean motorcyclists who willingly and openly called for mandatory helmet use, tiered licensing and mandated training for all riders, thereby emboldening the pusillanimous lawmakers to legislate away the entire sport of this weak and fractured constituency.
I particularly thought that the "motorcycles presented a danger to the cars" part was typical political hysteria mongering, worthy of one of our own politicians.
I wonder how many of the niggling whiners on this site will be congratulating the Korean government for protecting the safety of their citizens with this bold move?
Gee whiz I hope this doesn't get me kicked out of the annual lemming parade!
Re: New Zealand Automobile Association is the way to go.

As much as I am loathe to do so I would like to thank Kdoof for posting this article, even if he inadvertantly did so to bolster one of his idiotic arguments. If reading about this sort of twisted dictatorial state sponsered stupidity doesn't help to galvanize the readers of MO against ALL other current and future govenmental actions concerning our sport (actually make that any governmental action concerning anything save government downsizing) then we face a future controlled by and for people who still need mommy to come wipe their behinds when they're done on the potty.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Growing up around guns as the son of a gunsmith and being a gun owner since I was 5 years old, I agree with you. About 10 years ago I quit the NRA because of their willingness to compromise constitutional rights in the incorrect assumption that if the just let the government stick it in a little bit maybe they wouldn't get the whole shaft shoved in. The NRA was wrong then and all of compromise crowd on this site willing to "work" with the government on motorcycle issues are just as wrong now.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

My ancestors have thoughtfully culled any member of our family that showed signs of "normalcy" for many generations now!
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Shhh! Be careful not to upset him!
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Apparently you haven't had as much contact with some of the leadership flacks from the NRA as I have. BTW exactly how many bad gun laws have been reversed by all of the money that we gave to the NRA to "get the right people elected?" The assault weapons ban doesn't count as it mearly sunseted and took no positive action by those sh!t bags we gave our money to.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

The Minute Men. Any Questions?
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