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Be Grateful!

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LMAO! First!
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Re: Scary Court

Remember when violating someone's Civil Rights was a felony, aggressivly pursued, by the Feds?

When the gov't is providing the coverage the gov't is going to look to ban "risky" activities.

As an individual, an insurance company may charge higher rates for a smoker, diver, etc. In a free market I may be willing to pay more to continue my "risky" activity.

However, when the funds for healthcare are sourced through a collective, the gov't can't charge the individual more so it just bans the activity.

Oh, and if I don't like the terms my insurance offers me I can search for another company.

The Gov't will enforce its ban at the point of a gun and throw me in jail for non-compliance.

Free healthcare anyone?
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Pure F$cking genius. Couldn't have said it better. Maybe meaner, but not better.
Re: Welp

In the USA 83% of women diagnosed with breast cancer survive.

In Britain the survival rate is 43%.

Socialized medicine. Those who want it deserve it.
New Zealand Automobile Association is the way to go.

And the AA has given a warning to anyone considering getting a motorcycle to save a few dollars to "carefully weigh the increased risk to life and limb".

A modern small car has similar fuel efficiency but is up to 80 times safer than a large motorbike, says the association.

"A better option would be a bicycle, which is 10 times safer than a motorbike and gets you fit as well, while buses are the hands down winners on safety."

They are right. I feel this is the training and safety precautions we need. We should prevent people from buying motorcycles. This will decrease motorcycle deaths.

There is absolutely no reason to disagree. This is the right way to go. Push everyone to buying small cars and bicycles.

If you disagree you are wrong and uninformed.

Push the NZ AA Motorcycle plan TODAY.
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Apparently the Korean automakers have lobbyists too. LOL

This is an exact parallel to the successful GM-led lobbying effort to terminate urban mass transit systems in the 1950s
No, much like a radical liberal or an ultra conservative, it is the "Do As I say, Not As I Do" blathering.

Re: New Zealand Automobile Association is the way to go.

As much as I am loathe to do so I would like to thank Kdoof for posting this article, even if he inadvertantly did so to bolster one of his idiotic arguments. If reading about this sort of twisted dictatorial state sponsered stupidity doesn't help to galvanize the readers of MO against ALL other current and future govenmental actions concerning our sport (actually make that any governmental action concerning anything save government downsizing) then we face a future controlled by and for people who still need mommy to come wipe their behinds when they're done on the potty.
You're off your meds again aren't you. The only things you forgot were travel papers to be checked at county and state borders, weekly registration at the local, regulation control and enforcement office, rewards for family members who report violations at home and relocation at state sponsored re-education camps.
If lots of people agree about something it must be bad.
Re: Scary Court

No. When was that?
Or maybe the number of people who agree about something is often irrelevent to its truth or value.
I think it's their whole "compulsory" attitude. These people can't do anything of their own accord even as they advocate laws for it. It's the "sheeple" attitude - "Please tell me what to do. I can't do it myself."
The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

A councilor in Marikina wants to ban full face helmets.

A senator wants a law to force riders to paint their plate number on their helmets.

Bikes forced off tollways onto far more dangerous roads because 35 years ago a presidential escort was killed in an accident after he was ordered not to wear a helmet.

Adopt these laws, people! Take action and make it happen. Put the government in charge of letting us know how to keep us safe! These are prime examples of proper motorcycle safety regulations that we can have here. Anyone that opposes these basic safety measures is a criminal.
Re: Welp

Yes, but they have 100% of their citizens covered! We have only 95% or thereabouts.

Do you think 95% of people having access to the best health care in the world is better than 100% access to substadard care? Fascist!

Socialism - the equitable distribution of misery.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

The logical conclusion to any safety-based argument about motorcycle legislation is to ban motorcycles. Period.
The Middle East: The Standard For Motorcycle Safety

The increased security vigilance in the holy cities has been a headache for motorcycle drivers used to scooting around town without proper paperwork or helmets.

As of yesterday, officials have already impounded about 350 motorbikes since heightened security operations began earlier this month, according to an officer who didn’t want to be named. "Those bikers that were caught riding without helmets can get their bikes back if they bring their helmets," said the officer at the scene.

Riders without proper documents can also recoup their bikes once they get their paperwork in order.

This is where we should head. Simply impound bike if helmets and proper papers are not on hand. We must keep the riders safe. Take their bikes and they will be safe.

This is just common sense. Get this legislation done. It is the right thing to do if it means saving even one life.
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Barbados: Making the proper move to motorcycle safety

All motorcycles over 500 cubic centimetres (ccs) should be banned from Barbados' roads, apart from those used by the police or the military.

Sealy said that motorcycles were covered by the legislation, and those over a certain power and speed had no place on Barbados' roads, since they were designed for highways with greater width and length. "Smaller motorcycles are fine, but it is beyond me why any human being, given the size of the roads in Barbados, and the closeness of our intersections, would want to mount a motorcycle with 1500 ccs. And the only thing you can have in mind is either dying or killing," he said.

This just makes so much sense to me. It goes back to my proven theory that anything over 400cc's are for criminals.

Ban anything over 400cc's to prevent any more action taken against the motorcycle community. This will prove to everyone that we can police ourselves and can put this issue to bed once and for all. No one will ever again mention motorcycle deaths ever again.
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Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Hey, if everyone wants to make d!ckish suggestions about common sense laws than lets get the sh!t train moving.

Just ask gun owners if compromise ever got them a [email protected] thing.
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

"Gun owners are all nutcases."

See how easy it is to get citizens to hate and fear others without reason? Just start repeating the same old lies in the papars and eventually they become "true".
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