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Be Grateful!

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LMAO! First!
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Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

I named my '79 mini "Beatrice".
You forgot to mention the mandated installation of a recording thermometer linked to a GPS to document whether we are currently experiencing El Nino or La Nina climax .. er, I mean climatic changes ...

Unh, you know, like, how soon we're all going to get hot ...
Re: The Philippines are more progressive than backwards U.S.

Sure - what have their legislative and electoral victories been? In what way have they been more effective advocates for gun owners than the NRA? And where can I find out about them - a Google search only gives me results for the border security organization and the historical Minutemen.
Re: Some more common sense restrictions that we should follow.

arent those just MUNI statistics?
I'm hot right now - I sweating rike a Goddam Mongorian outside a shcitty warr.....
Just another example of the Federal mafia, err government, overstepping its authority...
The tiered licensing system would allow a special permit for drunken riding. A bottle of Mad Dog into an empty stomach and a test on a Pike´s Peak style dirt track and a flat out chase on the motorway with that new 1400 Kawi. The test waived as redundant with anyone having 7+ years experience in Latin America.

- cruiz-euro

Re: Welp

This deeply cutting analysis must come directly from the celebrated Rush Limbaugh School of Advanced Logic. But lets read more liberal opinion, that of New Yorker. I checked only the infant mortality claim and yes, the US has worse figure than the regular Euros. But hey, you are still better off than Africa.

- cruiz-euro


The United States has opted for a makeshift system of increasing complexity and dysfunction. Americans spend $5,267 per capita on health care every year, almost two and half times the industrialized world’s median of $2,193; the extra spending comes to hundreds of billions of dollars a year. What does that extra spending buy us? Americans have fewer doctors per capita than most Western countries. We go to the doctor less than people in other Western countries. We get admitted to the hospital less frequently than people in other Western countries. We are less satisfied with our health care than our counterparts in other countries. American life expectancy is lower than the Western average. Childhood-immunization rates in the United States are lower than average. Infant-mortality rates are in the nineteenth percentile of industrialized nations. Doctors here perform more high-end medical procedures, such as coronary angioplasties, than in other countries, but most of the wealthier Western countries have more CT scanners than the United States does, and Switzerland, Japan, Austria, and Finland all have more MRI machines per capita. Nor is our system more efficient. The United States spends more than a thousand dollars per capita per year—or close to four hundred billion dollars—on health-care-related paperwork and administration, whereas Canada, for example, spends only about three hundred dollars per capita. And, of course, every other country in the industrialized world insures all its citizens; despite those extra hundreds of billions of dollars we spend each year, we leave forty-five million people without any insurance.
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Re: Scary Court

Parliamentary form of govt. has very little to do how easy or difficult is to change a constitution. The constitution itself dictates the process and typically it is not easy.

- cruiz-euro
I guess you got my point.
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