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Beginner bikes

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How much power would you veterans say is too much for a total beginner? I'm not looking at getting a liter bike or anything in that class of power.
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What bikes are you thinking of ?
How big a person are you ??
Have you looked for previous threads about "my first bike" ???
Sorry I didn't see your list until today.
It's impossible to give you a good answer without knowing you.
I think most of that list would be OK but unless you are really in good shape athletically then some are a bit big.

A first bike should be:
Relatively small
Relatively inexpensive
In reasonably good condition.
You need to be able to flat-foot one side when fully stopped with the other heel near to the ground or on it too.

And you need to take a new riders course and get your license FIRST.
That way you have a better chance of getting test rides on used bikes to find out for yourself which one feels right for you.

How much recent experience do you have on a bicycle ?
That's a serious consideration.
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I haven't ridden a bicycle for a few years,
If you have access to a bicycle, it would be good to refresh your two wheel balance skills by riding it a bit.
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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