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First post!

The DMV thing depends on the state. I lived in AZ recently, and there was a beginners course that left you with a MC endorsement on your license, saving the nasty DMV experience. I don't think that's true in every state, however. You are going to get a ton of advice on a first bike-- I would ordinarily recommend a dual-purpose bike, though 2 hours on the freeway on a dirtbike could be kind of brutal. A used Suzuki GS500 or Kawasaki 500 ninja would be good. The 250 might be a little buzzy and uncomfortable for cruising down the freeway for two hours. For insurance reasons, plus the fact that you will likely have a tip-over or two, I would definitely recommend against a new bike at first. Get a good cheap used one, thrash it for a year, then make the decision about what you want for the long term. Go to and browse around for used bikes in your zip code.

Good luck!
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