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Ben Bostrom replica Ducati to be produced

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Unique, aggressive new graphics. Dare I say, Bold?

I'm sure it's worth every extra penny. It would sure stand out from the crowd. I wonder though about getting a matching riding suit.

Some day I aspire to own such a vehicle, as I also hope to get a Ferrari, some day.
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Well, at least they didn't take advantage of a dead guy this time.
It is possible to make a 998S fugly. What a horrendous paint job.
A Bostrom Ducati??? Does this mean the bike will run like the first half of the year and be a HUGE disappointment, only to run better towards the end of the season?
Yeah, just what we all need, another "special edition" Ducati to add to the list of over inflated moto-jewelry. Hey all you Ducatisti, just admit it, if Ralph Lauren made motorcycles, you would buy them too......
, the Senna replica is/was a fine bike honoring a fine man, show some respect for both.
Im not Ducatisti but I know a jealous rat when I smell one!
It would have been way cooler if they just made a replica of his L&M Ducati instead of this
Well, I think the bike's great looking and would love to have one in my fantasy bike museum. However, I wouldn't dare ride it - can you imagine laying it down?? I'd ride it like a grandma if I had to ride it at all. But I digress...

Am I the only one who thinks it odd that they made a Bostrom bike instead of a Bayliss replica?!? I'd be a bit miffed if I were Troy.


they are making a bayliss replica. its available in australia not the usa.
Good point. What's all the hype about. Troy won the Championship! Not Ben. He probably don't care but I'm sure he asked the question.
Didn't read your post until I posted......thanks for the info.
Re: Unique, aggressive new graphics. Dare I say, Bold?

Is this another ploy by Ducati to extract money from poor American wannabes by taking a 996 painting it like Bostroms (evil kenival sp?) modern art helmet and charging 20K for it?? I can just imagine some dork saying to himself "if I get this bike my life will finally have some meaning" but he'll be so afraid to wad the thing I will lever leave his car port!! Corporate greed at its worse!
I would have said the same thing, until I rode a Ducati. They ARE special.
I love Ducatis but I gotta agree buying this bike is akin to wearing a John Elway or Michael Jordan jersey; ie some peoples pathetic idea of getting a life. Can you imagine riding the thing though, everyone will think "look at this wanker who thinks he's Ben Bostrum". Get a Ben Bostrum poster, idolize the guy if necessary, but get your own life and realize pretending to be someone you're not will make you look like a loser. Still, I bet they'll probably sell as well as Michael Jordan jerseys...
just in case you think that is commericialism...there is also a hodgson ducati GSE racing no.100...i dunno where he finished in WSB ..he didn't win it :)
Well maybe, almost, but...

It's a 998, not a 996. I'd bet that it has the testastretta motor. I think the 996R's (with 998 motor) went for about that much.
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