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Congratulations to the new guys!

I wish them the best of luck.

Unfortunately for Goddard he’s seen as a development specialist because he’s probably the best at it in the world.

Just don’t dump Goddard after he puts in the hard yards.


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What a FANTASTIC looking bike. I went to the website, read everything, and am now wondering how long until Harley-Davidson sues. Look at the bottom of this page:

Where it says, and yes, this is a direct cut and paste:

An uncommon "sound"

As all those hooked up to the website "" ­ which has been specially prepared for the creation of this model, and which has transmitted the main stages of the presentation ­ already personal and enthralling.

There is no need ­ as someone has already done ­ to patent the sound of an engine exhaust: what is important is to realize a unique engine.

Made me laugh out loud; I can't believe they just up and said it. Benelli's got some stones; I love it!

The Fox

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I saw the bike yesterday at Laguna and the sound is very cool! A bit deeper than the 4-cylinder superbikes, but very smooth and pleasing to the ear. That, and it looks really cool and seems very fast and competitive. It's been a long road for Benelli with the development of this bike, but I think we'll see the payoff very soon.

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Our man in Europe (who attended the Laguna round of WSB) is working with Benelli right now to get the scoop on the bike. Details and what-not. We're even trying to get some on-board with Goddard at the helm to include in the write-up. Should be cool.

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Well I emailed Benelli asking about expected future availability and pricing. Looks like they were selling the Limited Edition [for FIM rules] at 36,000Euros [about $31k].

But I don't think they plan on making it available in the US...

This is however, the coolest looking, and sweetest sounding bike I've ever heard. Saw it/heard it at the races and fell in love instantly. :)

Following is a copy of the email I got from Belelli:

Benelli is engaged by an official Tornado 900/3 Racing on the 2001 World

Superbike Championship.

Benelli started racing in San Marino GP, on Misano circuit, the last June


In the last Laguna Seca (USA) GP, Peter Goddard gained his 1st point,

arriving 15th in Race2!

More, the Benellisport Team will be present in all 2001 GPs.

It's the results of a great human effort and a very large investment in

money, people and time, but we are proud to be finally present at the

maximum level of competition.

At the last INTERMOT (Munich Show), Benelli announced that 150 bikes (in

Limited Edition version) would be produced, to obtain the racing

homologation, and that some of these bikes will be sold.

The bike was homologated before the end of January, as requested by FIM

(International Motorcycle Federation).

The price of this bike (the Limited Edition) has been indicated in 36.000

Euros, taxes included.

The start of the selling is actually scheduled in the late Spring 2002.

Sometime after, it will be also possible to purchase the street version

(two seats, actually named "biposto").

The price of this version has not been yet fixed.

Please note that Benelli hasn't a selling organization outside Europe, at

the moment, except in some Countries.

You can control the Benelli selling network in our official web site

(, at the entry "Importatori" (the English version of the

site will be open in the next weeks).

It will be possible to purchase a Tornado all over the world, but the owner

will be able to use it "on the road" only in the Countries where it will be


Best Regards

Benelli SpA

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From what I understand, the initial limited edition won't be coming to the States unless you want to import it yourself (and pay a few hundred grand to get the bike EPA tested and spec'd heh). When they go into full production, however, the Tornado-line of bikes (they're intending the engine to power a complete line of bikes, from the Tornado flagship down to possibly a tamer street version and even a proposed naked sport version) should almost definitely be coming Stateside. It should sell competitively with MVAgusta's F4 and the higher-end Ducatis and whatnot, the round figure I got from a dealer in the UK for a price was approx. £10,500 if I recall correctly, which is somewhere around $16-17k depending on exchange rates heh. That price will probably come down in the second year of production.
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