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I'm a member of the "buy slightly used" group. I have purchased both new and used motorcycles over the years, and even though I tend to keep my bikes a long time (10+ years), I enjoy leaving some $$ in my pocket when I buy-in. And modern motorcycles are so darn bullet-proof, it’s unlikely that there’s something going on inside that isn’t clearly evidenced by what you see on the outside.

Used bikes tend to be cheapest during the late fall and winter in these northern climes, but the real key to getting a good deal is being patient –something that is almost impossible if you don’t have a bike to ride while waiting. But if you can wait, there are some great deals to be had if you’ve got money in your pocket. In November of 2001, I paid $5,000 cash for a 1999 Honda VTR 1000, 5000 miles, mint condition with dealer service records. NICE!

Check out this month’s issue of Motorcyclist Magazine for their opinion of the "50 Best Used Bikes" and some hints on how to get the most used bike for the least money.

1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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