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It must be really interesting and frustrating for a MotoGP rider to test a car. In "Faster," Kevin Schwantz says that when he races cars he feels like moving his butt a couple of inches should make a lot of difference, since it does on a bike, but of course in a car it does not. There is such a physical connection with a bike that to be strapped down in a F1 car must really feel strange. You take away the physical part, except for turning the wheel and pressing the pedals. Also, seeing what happened to Schumacher this year, it is even more obvious that F1 is 80% or more driver. You could be a god, but if the car is even marginally slower, you are screwed. In motoGP, a lot of it is still the rider, not just the race, but his ability to arrive at the proper setup.

I am beginning to feel a little sorry for Biaggi, BTW. He is a man with a lot of (often misplaced) pride, and it must hurt to have been dumped by motoGP like that. Of course, in a few days/weeks he is going to say something really arrogant and stupid and I will want him crushed by Pierfrancesco Chili.....
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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