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Big Ben Update

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He also missed out on a two million dollar soup commercial contract that was to be filmed Wednesday.
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Chuck Norris doesn't wear helmets for protection.

Helmets wear Chuck Norris for protection.
I wonder if someone will offer him a 2 million dollar pro- motorcycle helmet commercial showing him sipping soup through a straw.
Perhaps groups such as AMA, HOG, BRAG, BMW-ON Etc... could get him to do some public service work for them now? Promoting proper training and protective gear?
Hard to get those chunks through the straw though!
Chuck Norris doesn't fall off his motorcycle

Chuck Norris roundhouse kicks the earth with his beard
Quite frankly, he is an idiot.

Forget that he might have screwed up his career, he is an adult and made his choice. He must live with the consequences.

But now, this "role model" set the example. How? By riding without a license. Just the type of behavior we should encourage.

I do not know the law in PA, but in DC, if you are operating a vehicle without a proper, valid license for that vehicle, the accident is your fault. Why? You should not be operating that vehicle, period.

No one can say of rider trainig would have made a whit of difference in this event. I can say that without a license, he had NO BUSINESS riding that bike. His error is compounded in the fact that he is a star football player and his reckless actions made the newspaper.

You know, I don't make millions a year, but somehow I manage to have a valid motorcycle license. My two cars and my motorcycle are properly registered and insured, and I am just "some guy", not a star. He should be held to the exact same standard as the rest of us.

I truly hope he makes a public appolgy for his behavior. I would also not be unhappy if he faced legal action for riding without a license.

Wow, two people with the influence to positively portray bikes and they both crash, without a license.
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Full Face Helmet

Take note you idiots who think beanie helmets are the thing. Had Ben been wearing a full face helmet things would have been much better..
Good point! Maybe a close-up shot showing extreme mental distress as Ben struggles with the chunks.
There's a store in my hometown that's been selling scooters and had a bicycle helmet hanging over the handlebars of one of the models on display. I hope those were 50 cc, but it still didn't look like a very effective lid.
When I was riding triathalons, my trials bike I trained on would get to 40+ mph if I was having a good day. Someone who does it for a living could easily do 45-50+ in spurts. If a bike helmet will protect you from a wipeout at that speed, then it should be fine for a 50cc scooter.
Does anyone know for sure what kind of bike he was riding? I've heard some people say a Hayabusa, but I thought that was a joke. I heard he rides Harleys. Anyone know?
Yes, the weight and fit differences of newer vs older full face helmets are considerable. The vents on my shoei keeps the head cool as well.
Re: Full Face Helmet

Knowing full well how inflammatory agreeing with KP when he's spouting off will be.

I beg forgiveness in advance.

I agree!

Beyond the helmet, when you do go down and everyone eventually takes a dump. Would you rather be dressed like Rossi or one of the Village people?

I understand, even wearing all of the best gear available makes no guarantees of avoiding injury.

Try this test, walk out to some pavement and scrape a bare knee or elbow on it.

Did it hurt? Did it leave a mark? How do you think it would it feel if it happened at freeway speeds?
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You have to wonder which would have more of and impact on the public : Ben didn't take precautions and this is the wear your gear. Or, Ben suited up and walked away unharmed ... so remember to wear your gear.

it was indeed a hayabusa. black with a yoshimura exhaust, from the pics I saw of it post-smashy.
It was a Busa, I saw video of it bing hauled away on a flatbed truck.

So, are we saying he owns multiple bikes but has no MC License?
pics are here if you're interested:

click on the slideshow link in the middle of the sidebar. pic 2 shows the hayabusa on a tow truck.
On Two Wheel Tuesday, one of the hosts made Ben an offer that he should not refuse - Arai, one of the sponsors, is willing to donate to Ben, a FREE Arai lid! All Ben has to do is contact the show's host, and advise him which one he wants and his helmet size!
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