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Big Ben Update

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He also missed out on a two million dollar soup commercial contract that was to be filmed Wednesday.
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Mopeds are the hardest bikes to ride because you are pretty much restricted to the bike lanes of which there are very few. If the bike is licensed for the road then you have to try to mix it up with traffic. You are not likely to ride a moped on sidewalks and other areas away from traffic like you can a bicycle.
He wouldn't have needed to wear a helmet if he'd had enough experience to avoid the left-turning car in front of him in the first place. A license and starter bike might have helped.

The press, fans and NFL are fawning all over him because he's a big asset - what about the rest of us morons?

Sorry - no sympathy for him.
Lawrence Grodsky could have summed it up better than me. His sister said that Larry could handle all manner of traffic, but was unable to predict the nature of deer and he figured that if he was killed in a motorcycle accident it would be in a collision with a deer - and so it was.

IMHO - collisions (not accidents) are caused by the intersection of two types of drivers (riders) - one driving recklessly and the other not paying attention. Avoid being one of those two drivers and you can avoid collisions -except for deer.
Everyone is blaming him for his accident because he didn't wear a helmet. I'm blaming him because he is an idiot.

You are more generous.
Arnold is no different.

Ben and Arnold know what the laws are. The difference between us and them is that they think they can get away with it because they think they're better than us.
Granted, the motorcycle endorsement doesn't make you smart. The MSF class doesn't make you a safe rider either. But, characteristically those who bother to get their license and insure their bikes also tend to be safer riders.

A story in the paper this past week described a kid (~19) who was pulled over for gunning the engine on his brand new Honda 600 (CBR?). The cop thought he was street racing. He had no motorcycle endorsement on his license, his permit expired in March, the bike was not registered and he had no insurance. They impounded the bike. At least all this happened to him before he got killed on the thing.
1 - 6 of 106 Posts
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