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Big Ben Update

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He also missed out on a two million dollar soup commercial contract that was to be filmed Wednesday.
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I have read that the binned Hayabusa was a freebee in the first place, courtesy of a PA dealer.

I don't have confirmation on this, though.
Magical moving post

Huh? Er, I posted this under another comment and it appeared here?

Or maybe I ran into a Chrysler head-first and don't remember.
GPTB Risks

Jeez, Van, I've been a card-carrying member for three years now. I've sustained GPTB-induced head trauma for quite awhile.

Why else would I argue with KP and Bigdx?
By all accounts, the woman driving the Chrysler was at fault. Classic "I didn't see him" left-turner, so I doubt she'll have any case for compensation.

Of course, this doesn't excuse Ben of not having a license and being generally foolish.
I'm not disagreeing with you at all. However, I don't know how PA looks at it.
1 - 5 of 106 Posts
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