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Big Ben Update

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He also missed out on a two million dollar soup commercial contract that was to be filmed Wednesday.
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At the very least,he should pony up a new car for the other driverand an apology if he,s at fault.And if he is he better tithe at least 105of his alary to that person,because I can see the lawyer/vulture coming his way.Aand did anyone hear how the other person is doing?nothing...
Who's missing?

(*Bigdx on:) Screw you KP, ya [email protected]%Y, your wife sure likes the "full face helmet" You gonna wear a flame proof suit in your new lexus ya ******. You get your "end is near" sandwich board and stand on the corner ya queer. (*Bigdx off)

Hey KP, I agree 100% with the beenie thing. Keep up the good (logical) posts.

By all accounts, the woman driving the Chrysler was at fault. Classic "I didn't see him" left-turner, so I doubt she'll have any case for compensation.

Of course, this doesn't excuse Ben of not having a license and being generally foolish.
Arnold is no different.

Ben and Arnold know what the laws are. The difference between us and them is that they think they can get away with it because they think they're better than us.
Re: Full Face Helmet

a po' boy mint julip... that's priceless....Hey you wanna' be in the GPTB with us??? you sound like you'll fit right in. I'll sponser ya'

don't worry 'bout the pony tail bit you can grow like a big fro' or something instead...LOL
Not having a license makes him guilty in my book and in lots of states! Case closed, you ride without a license you represent the majority of motorcycle accidents, I am not saying that left turners and u-turners are right, but if you went to the trouble to get a license you at least show some kind of responsibility, willingness to learn and good ATTITUDE. That also goes for governators.
Logical post my ass

Not sure where the beanie comes in. The reports said he was not wearing any helmet at all.

And as far as "things would have been better" had he been wearing a full face is no more than unsubstantiated speculation. We have no information pertaining to the accident available to make such a call, so while it may be true, it may well not be. A full face may have caused his head to arch back further during impact causing spinal injuries.

I for one do not respond to an ass who take such obvious delight in somebody else’s misfortune.
Hello read the article again bigdx

He landed on his face..and busted his jaw... Full Face will take that impact no problem .. Why don't you go get that hammer out from underneath the car on blocks in your front yard and do an experiment... Get a full face helmet and use the hammer and hit youself in the face... Now take off the helmet and try again...
I may sound retarded, but who is this Lawrence Grodsky you've quoted from twice now?
Does Penn law say riders with like only a year or two experience, as measured by the M licence of course, still need to wear a helmet? Many of the states have such stipulations. I'll bet that learners have to wear them.

We don't know how much experience he has. Maybe he rode tons as a kid. Maybe on dirtbikes, which is experience that shouldn't be scoffed at. Let's face it, that licence doesn't mean much. Still it was ultra stupid of him not to get it. Let's see him get one now. It isn't going to be easy. Not that he will be looking to get one.

If he had been killed or terribly and permanently disabled he would deserve no more sympathy than onyone else. In those cases it's always someones son or father or brother and that's what matters. Sefveral of them surely died today on bikes and in cars too.
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Re: Full Face Helmet

I did a full face plant into a pile of rocks once, wearing a full face helmet. I got up, checked out the bike (expensive plastic repairs, but rideable) and rode it home. I'm just as pretty as I ever was. I have no doubt that I would have ended up with at least some of the same injuries Big Ben recieved if I had just been wearing an open face helmet, let alone one of those silly little beanie things. No one ever expects to crash. Not wearing a helmet is stupid. It might be an individuals choice, but it's still a stupid choice.
Why was I labled and "Idiotic Troll"?

Whatever assclown thought I was f*cking around, do a quick search and you will find that he was scheduled to be in a Campbells Soup commercial that was to be filmed Wednesday, the contract was for $2 million.

Whoever you are, you are one dumb c*cksucker.

Someone did this to one of my posts a couple of weeks ago as well. You'd think if the assclown had any clown balls he'd just step up to the plate and challenge your post.

"...the accident is your fault. Why? You should not be operating that vehicle, period."

I disagree. You should not be operating a vehicle which you cannot safely operate around other people. A license is by no means a guarantee of that. I notice that the article doesn't say that the accident was his fault.

I also disagree with holding sports stars as role models. They're just entertainers. Ridiculously overpaid ones, at that.

The motorcycle test, at least in Cali, is a joke. It's a couple of dots on the ground and a ring. You snake through the dots, then ride around in a circle a couple of times. I could pass it in my sleep, unless you put me on a hog. Then I suppose anybody would have a hard time.

I don't, however, have a license.

On the back of a motorcycle, I guarantee anyone would be safer with me than some newbie who just got out of the safety course.

If a soccer mom blatently pulls out in front of me, and a crack my face on her window, should I be held responsible, even if I was riding in a perfectly legal manner? Should I, having just paid for this hypothetical accident, then appologize for my "behavior?"

We're talking ethics and/or morals here, not DC law.

Seriously, should I? I'm curious.
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Anybody? I say, anybody have any words of wisdom for the cager who hooked the "no-see-him" left turn that instigated this incident?

On the football field, Ben plays offence. From here on out I believe that he will painfully recognize the importance of defensive riding including the gear.

Screw the license issue; that's just fodder for the insurance companies along with a possible traffic citation.

Who, among us, hasn't had a "slightly" illegal ride somewhere in the past?
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The point is that like Ahnie, he will get off due to his "star status". However, BEn seems like a nice guy that screwed. Ahnie is an *******. Ask any of the numerous women he has assaulted.
I Europe and JApan saying "I didn't see him" is an admission of guilt.
Ben can afford an arai. They should give it to me instead.
Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

Another fine demonstration of your puerile reasoning and limited cognitive abilities…

You have no information pertaining to the dynamics of the accident and no training or experience in forensic pathology. Your hammer analogy is simply a product of your total lack of understanding and inability to reason. Rather than posting an objective view on the accident, you post is the usual brainless rhetoric, deriding a person far superior to yourself.

In short a$$wipe, please f*ckoff as you do not possess the ability to communicate at my level. You bore the ***** out of me ...
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