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Big Ben Update

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He also missed out on a two million dollar soup commercial contract that was to be filmed Wednesday.
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Grodsky wrote a monthly column for Rider and was a noted educator as well. He was killed in a deer collision while on a road trip in Texas, earlier this year. It's got me looking for Bambi every time I leave the city.

Maybe when the current ad blitz is over with, the AMA could push for adding that sort of thing to our states' laws.

Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

You realize that no one takes you at all seriously any more, right?
I don't have a motorcycle endorsement, and I've been pulled over three times (two for speeding, one for being in the area while they were looking for a perp who was apparently also a silverwing-riding hippy). I told them up front that I didn't have it, and they didn't care.

What I got out of it: The motorcycle endorsement has no real meaning, even for Joe McNormalguy.

The safety class is a different story, of course, but you don't have to take it to get the M.
Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

So I am like a Canadian then?
I'm not disagreeing with you at all. However, I don't know how PA looks at it.
If the test is so easy it's a joke, why haven't you passed it? Regardless of how safe you think you are, riding a bike without a license puts all motorcyclists in a bad light - with the cops who pull your stupid ass over, and with the general public who will find out in the news that you rode without a license if you're ever involved in an accident. Why not just pass the test and get a license?
Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

Dude. The guy put his face through a windshield! If you don't think that a full-face helme would have lessened his injury, you're either a troll or a total retard.
Hah! I've got you both beat. I got an "anon" email wishing me DEAD with my brains bashed out for my only just barely over the top eurotrash rant.

Reminds me of something a headdoc pal told me: "20-25% of all people have psychiatric problems that could benefit from medical treatment".

Once I made the mistake of mentioning the heat issues & cramped two-up ****pit arrangements for FJR13 (pre 06). An FJR fan sent me repeated nasty emails....and I mean NASTY & REPEATED....did I mention that I got multiple nasty emails from that nutbag?

Thank goodness the nice emails outnumber the nutbag crap about 4:1. Hey!! My doc bud was right!

Suggestion for MO: free online Minnesota Multiphase for offenders.
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Re: 'Shine

Excellent! Being a Georgia boy, a late Great Uncle was a revenue agent back in the height of the shining days. Ahhh the stories Uncle Milton would tell.

For the most part, the chase & find was gentlemenly. Only on the rare occasion did the game get rough.

What a dumb area for gov micromgmt. But then again it goes all the way back to GW...George Washington that is...Shay's Rebellion...whiskey tax.
Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

Hey, Hoser...what some back bacon & a beer?
Re: Hello read the article again bigdx

They're not mutually exclusive.
In the city I keep my eyes open for cats and unleashed dogs too, as well as skateboard riders. All of which are as unpredictable as deer. You can slide out good on a skater.
Granted, the motorcycle endorsement doesn't make you smart. The MSF class doesn't make you a safe rider either. But, characteristically those who bother to get their license and insure their bikes also tend to be safer riders.

A story in the paper this past week described a kid (~19) who was pulled over for gunning the engine on his brand new Honda 600 (CBR?). The cop thought he was street racing. He had no motorcycle endorsement on his license, his permit expired in March, the bike was not registered and he had no insurance. They impounded the bike. At least all this happened to him before he got killed on the thing.
If the test is so easy it's a joke, why haven't you passed it?

Laziness, mostly. I'll get around to it for insurance reasons.

Regardless of how safe you think you are, riding a bike without a license puts all motorcyclists in a bad light

It shouldn't. That's my point. Licensing for motorcycles is a joke, and I'm not going to make it my moral flippin' obligation to get one because of other people's misconceptions.

with the cops who pull your stupid ass over

Obviosly not, or they would've added that to my ticket, or at least made a snide remark. They probably know how the test is.

and with the general public who will find out in the news that you rode without a license if you're ever involved in an accident

Oh, shucky-darn!

It's not my job to jump through some useless hoops so that I stay "in a good light."

If I cause an accident, fine. Call me a dumbass, I'd be one. If I'm hit by a drunk while I'm minding my own business, and the general public thinks that I was stupid to be there because I didn't have an "M" on my license that wasn't worth the trouble of printing a new piece of plastic, then that's their problem. I'm not going to cater to the public's wrongheaded ideas.

Why not just pass the test and get a license?

Why don't I just take the safety course? How 'bout this:

If you could only choose one, would you have my dumb ass

A) Take the test at the DMV, and get my endorsement.


B) Take the safety course in a different state, making my endorsement not technically legal (much safer).
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Land of the free, eh?

Maybe he prevented that kid from hurting himself, maybe not, but I disagree with the impound out of principle.

I'd like to ask that cop what exactly the kid was doing that put anyone in danger, since it sounds like he wasn't actually street racing.

It seems that the cop thought he was keeping the kid from wrapping himself around a tree or whatever, and that you agree. That's touching, but I don't feel that it's his place.
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In PA (i lived there for many years) if you dont have the proper endorsement to drive and you get into an accident it is automaticly deemed "your fault". The logic is that you were not suppose dto be driving on the road...for whatever reason...and have therefore waived your ability to argue fault. Basicaly, you were doing something illegal, so you dont get to claim who was at fault. To me, it makes perfect sense. When i lived in PA there was a helmet law in effect for ALL riders. That being said, i doubt any officer would give Mr Super Bowl a ticket for something "silly" like that.

In PA riders defense, while i was out there last week to visit family, i saw TONS of sportbike (and harley riders alike...since i was in York, harley guys should know that location)

and all riders, save one or two were wearing gear. At least helmets and jackets, a few with pants too. I saw alot of riders too.

Anyway, Mr SuperBowl will get out of it with a slap on the wrist. Go figure. Though i have to say, if i was the GM of the Steelers, i would be right pissed off that my multi million dollar investment broke his face on a damn motorcycle.
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That FJR thing is really freakin' odd.
Maybe Maldag should forward those nasty e-mails to Chuck Norris!
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