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Big Bird Tougher Than Biker.

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hmmm.... Buzzards... you don't say
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Same thing happened to me last spring, when one took off from the side of the road after finishing its meal. Had to duck and got brushed on the helmet by that big wingspan. It's no joke, man - if it hit me in the chest, I woulda gone down for sure. When I see 'em on the side of the road, now, I move way over and slow down. They're sorta like flying deer.
Yep at first I thought they said Buz as in Buzglyd oh ok Buzzards. Buzzards don't say :)
"They're sorta like flying deer" LOL

Hey I believe you.. I saw enough of them growing up in Western Coloardo to know better than to mess with those guys...
Hitting a turkey buzzard is like hitting a turkey.

Having a 12-lb Butterball slam into your motorcycle can ruin your day.
Running into a turkey buzzard is not like running into a robin or a bluejay.

It's more like having something about the weight of a racoon or groundhog collide with your windshield, or your helmet.
Finally a motorcycle accident story without reference to a helmet! We'll never know if the buzzard wore one.
A chicken flew up off the side of the road and right into the radiator of my SV650. Bent the radiator it didn't leak but I had to replace it. I've barely missed turkey vultures as well, it's a scary situation.
> A chicken flew up off the side of the road...

Yes, but do you know why the chicken.. No. Wait. Nevermind. I'll stop now..
I've almost been de-biked a few times by these things. In Texas they get quite big and wait 'til you ride by before taking off. I'm glad I'm not the one that got knocked off!!
you got it. Why did the chicken cross the road? It never asks, How did the chicken cross the road. In this case he tried to fly.

Same exact story here. Thing just pop up from the ditch and lumber right down my lane. They must go a good 14 pounds.
What about insects?

I had a wasp go down my back at 80mph once, it stung the crap outta me. Fortunately my fear of wrecking overcame the excrutiating pain, until I stopped, then I cried like a baby.

It must have been pretty funny for cagers though. Driving by a 200lb tattoed biker hopping around tearing his clothes off and cussing at the world.

Well it was kinda like hitting a buzzard........
MORONS! Was riding late at night, on a back country road between Orlando and Clermont, and a large dark object ran right out in fromt of me. I thought it was a big dog, but it turned out to be a wild pig!

Totally trashed me, the bike, ('87 600 Kawasaki), and the pig! It was like hitting a low brick wall.

Of course they are bigger here! And they travel in bunches (flocks?). The ugly mugs always wait until the last second to fly away, then of course they always take off across the road. On our group rides the point man is nicknamed the "buzzard deflector." Mount and use a Fiam Freeway Blaster horn to encourage them to scoot early.
In Florida they call that huntin.'

So how was dinner?
I once watched the guy riding in front of me get smacked straight in the face by a big crow. Almost knocked him off the back of the bike at like 80. Good thing he was hearing a full face, it was smeared with the birds blood.
Even if you don't hit them, those things, if startled, will try to lighten their load trying to take off. You don't want turkey vulture puke on you. It's a smell that will stay with you. And yes, it's vulture not buzzard.
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