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Big Brother & Your Bike

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All the more reason to keep the 1979 XS750 running forever!!!
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this is ridiculous, i sometimes wonder if or when this will all ruin a fun way of transportation. But what about if you're a club racer who buys the latest race replica to run out at the track. Would you have to apply for some sort of exemption? Or would you have to provide proof after you get your fines/citation that you were in fact riding on the track at the time of infraction. THIS SUCKS!!
If this happens... I am sure you would be required to have one of the devices placed on your bike in order to ride it "legally."
The most important point in the article is that this has nothing to do with safety. It's all about revenue generation.

Patrick Bedard had a great article recently in Car and Driver showing how local govt's leave up contruction zones on the highway where no construction is going on. Why? Speed limits are lower and fines are doubled.

And for those of you who think we should be more "like Europe", Euro pay some of the highest taxes on Earth and the Gov't still comes up with schemes like this to extract more of your money from you.

"If it saves just one life..........."
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You all know that I'm of the belief that if it 'saves just one life, it's worth it'. I'm all for as many regulations that they can pile on as quickly as possible, and enforce them with more zeal and punishments than any murderer has ever seen. It's the natural progression of seat belt and helmet laws. You asked for it, and you are gonna get it, so please don't cry now. It was just a matter of time before they got you.
If and when it becomes available, it still has to get past legal challenges. Did we forget about Janklow already?

Radar has been available for years, but CHP are not allowed to use it. Use of radar would dramatically improve enforcement of speeding on CA highways. But it's not allowed.

Old bikes won't have the technology so as a poster above said keep that old POS Harley - it'll be the fastest outlaw machine out there.

If the worst possible scenario does eventually happen it won't mean we can't ride motorcycles, maybe only that you won't be able to go 160mph without getting caught.

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Why? Bikes made before 1973 are still registered in CA and still don't need turn signals.
Or that we won't be able to go 65 in a 60 without getting caught.
It will come as standard equipment on most new vehicles past a certain year. Older vehicles will just go till they die without them. We buy enough new cars and motorcyles in this country to where big brother will have the majority of drivers screwed down in a decade.

In a recent issue of C & D, whilst trying out a new Jag, the intrepid writer noted a hitherto unseen and new button....which engages an automatic speed limiter so as to make it easier for the driver of the big engined, fast Jag to survive with an intact drivers liscense in an intensely speed camera monitored Britian.

Yes, boys....the barbarian nannies are coming. Remember to do three things: let your elected officials know (in writing) what you object to, vote early and often and finally vote the swine out whoever they are.

I vaguely recall our founders mentioning something about avoiding foreign entanglements. (your cue, squid - have fun on my dime) Emulating eurotrash on just about anything to do with government & regulation is a very bad idea especially when you consider their pathetic track record...with their long history of useless wars, slavery, butchery, pogroms...the eurofreak list just goes on and on and on. Heck fire - just when was europe worth saving from itself I asked myself not expecting an answer. Still, I generally prefer eurobikes. Go figure.

MCN has had an article or two on a similar topic...that of forcing use of OEM parts - especially mufflers, etc., which will hit our HD friends the hardest. While I'd love to laugh at "smalldx" et. al, struggling around in the hills with 50 hp bikes that weigh somewhere north of 700 lbs, HEY....I won't be able to snag a sweet pr of Staintunes for the Fat Lady. So much for fantasy.

Don't expect the OEM's to step up to the plate...even HD. They'll all be bending over backwards (and forwards) to comply as fast, furious and clueless as possible...
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Well, dude, I don't have much more to say except that I'm chuckling at all the fools who called me some kind of nut because I always made the clarion call against encroaching govt.

Looks like it's my viewpoint of life that is correct and all the ostriches are, in fact, the crazy ones trying to hide from the reality of the evil that intends to control every single tiny aspect of our lives.

"It can't happen here."

So much for the "mainstream" of political thought. Worthless, head-in-the-sand and cowardly. They'll complain but they will submit.
"We the people..." Do we not get the government we, as a collective, deem necessary? Are we to live in anarchy? We either need to get politically active, accept new regulation or choose to ignore it. I think I need to get active. I can't afford to ignore laws. The cost is too high in terms of fines, higher insurance, criminal record, loss of professional reputation and loss of employment.
Plenty of morons here, and elsewhere, invited our lovely Gov into the personal safety business. Of course, anyone opposed to their idiocy is a 'crazy John Birch loving GPTB' that is not worthy to talk to. Dumb shyts. You seem a little unbalanced yourself by opposing this stuff. Just ask for a reach-around when they are done. Maybe they will give ya one. Then again maybe they will have you grab your ankles one more time.
In a decade? The majority will be humped in 3 years when their leases run out.

Dude, I ain't let go of my ankles since I bought a house.
I don't know why everyone is so worked up. Why would this bother you unless you have something to hide? No one needs a bike that goes as fast as they do now.

I think implementation of a federal database to track the whereabouts of all bikers is the thing that is really needed.

Also, if you are pulled over for speeding you should be sent to a social training camp to help curb you anger and aggressiveness. Nothing to extreme, maybe just 90 days of intense audio and visual therapy combined with a low protein diet.

I think the CHP now is using radar but I could be wrong. I believe they started a few years ago and have used laser for a while.
I guess I'll just hang on to the supersport a little longer than I had planned. Or maybe I'll find myself a nice, old VFR...

What exactly to you call a paranoid conspiracy theorist when the conspiracy comes true?
Your're living in the past Tigercub. The CHP have been using radar for over ten years now.
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