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Biggest badest cruiser engine to date...

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Riding a CBX was wierd enough, with that long I-6 motor. An I-14 would just be excessively difficult. ;)

Of course, if I'm ever looking for a motor for a container ship, I now know what I'm looking for. 50% thermal efficiency! Woo!

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I read an artical about that in Power magazine at work, It's actualy quite an engineering feat.
Wow... That is one impressive engine... Simply amazing.
I hope it's got a dry sump, so it'll have adequate cornering clearance.
Well, it'll be the biggest baddest when someone gets it installed. I remember seeing an Australian bike which used a couple cylinders from a Rolls Royce V12 fighter plane engine, and it was quite a sight to see it installed.

Guess I'll have to read more. My first thought is that with that kind of torque, it probably has no gear box, so to slow down the ship or back up, it will take some auxiliary support - or maybe stop the engine, switch the injector timing, and restart.

At least with those steps down into the crank case, it would be easy to get at the crank for service. Provided they remember to drain out the oil first, anyhow. No need to pull the engine out of the ship to work on it.
Cornering Clearance?

The story said that they intended to use that muthah with only a single screw. If that's right, forget about cornering, to turn that ship would take a rudder about the size of the rest of the ship.

Sounds like they'll need to take about 50 tugboats, swing the ship around in the right direction, and fire up the engine when it is pointed at the next port of call.

And we thought a Boss Hoss looked awkward to turn!
Kinda funny how things come around...this engine looks remarkably like the old Indian/Harley/Excelsior/Ace etc inline fours of the early 20th century, right down to the cases...amazing!
Triumph, are you paying attention?

The world wants bigger, inline multicylinder bikes!

Can't wait for the Rocket IV!
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