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Bike Accident Survivor Resource

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Damn. Cool as this is, it's just not something you want to think about.

With that said, I'm gonna find a way to support them as I can. Seriously good works......


Oh, BTW, First!
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I understand. But if all of us take the time to get involved with our passion to ride, why not give it back to yourself and to the brothers and sisters in that same way.

I hand out cards that I had made up to give to those cagers who were about to give up my right of way. Small thing to do, with out a word spoken in anger, they go home to see

Thanks for your reply.


I did not see the American Bar Association listed.

I would have thought they would have been very supportive, at least to include a toll-free 800- number and perhaps a zip code locater link.

Anyone from the insurance industry care to chime in?

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Thanks for the reply

You will find Conal Doyle in my " Legal Avice " Link, he is a right leg amputee. If you have any questions:

Conal Doyle


1814 Franklin Street, Ste 800

Oakland, CA 94612

Ph: (510) 451-2777

Fax: (510) 835-1050

Garry Van Kirk

Bikers Accident Survivor Forum
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