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Just got a call from a fellow paraplegic, who was injured on his CBR600 a few years ago, by some nitwit in a car who wasn't paying attention.

Seems that his brother, a guy by the name of Ryan Orefice, has designed a proximity device named "Bike Alert" for cars and motorcycles, that alerts the driver or rider when a motorcycle/car is close by, with a flashing icon (of a car/bike) displayed on the instrument panel.

This is big stuff, as Progressive insurance has already offered to cut the rate of a vehicle so equipped by 25%. Reported value of this device is said to be at least 20 million dollars.

So when this device is the topic of every motorcycle and car magazine next month, you can say you heard it first on MO.
Can we put one on a bike slaved to some claymores?
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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