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10,479 Posts be so totally phucked up by some a hole who was in a hurry, or maybe did it on purpose. I've squashed all thoughts of revenge and mahem against my transgressor, and hope that with time I can get use to the way my body operates (or doesn't).

But the worse thing is what I've done to my wife, she didn't sign up for this, and just to think everything can go straight to hell for riding a street bike, to me is hard to take, after riding so long (35+ years) without injury.

But there are times when I eyeball my old FN49 sitting in the rifle rack, and wonder what kind of hole a Hungarian 7.92x57 AP round makes in a certain SUV drivers head. Then I let it go...ain't worth it.
Life ain't fair for sure. Most people that get messed up don't ride at all. At least you had 35+ years to do what you love. Most of the people that I picked up in my firefighting years got messed up at work or at home. Most of em ain't lived a day, while at least you did. Cuddy, you made me think long and hard at times if riding is worth it. Since I can't imagine life without it, I'd say 'Yes'. I know I am putting myself at risk, but I can't see myself taking the safe route in life. The bastard that ran you over deserves all nastiness that life can throw at him. I'm not a fan of lawsuits, but a civil suit for a few million is due. Hit him in the pocketbook where it will hurt thhe most. Most of all, hang in there.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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