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Ok guys.. So here it is.. I detailed, um.. IT on Saturday. I'm just so damn proud!!! You'll have to go to my "myspace" page and click on my pics to see the bike, well and me too. You will be able to tell just how big I am, especially long in the leg, when you see my pic.

Anyway, am I ever happy I sprung for the rocket. It was about 4k more than what I wanted to spend, but CRAP! If youre looking for x-rated torque and power and head turning good looks, set this 142hp between your legs.

I have to say, I rode a Valkyrie that was a close second, but this just rocks. Enough bragging.. No offense to anyone, I'm just chest-out, ear to ear grinnin proud!! - Ed - 38 - Male - Tampa, Florida -
RAGE!!!!!! You got anger management issues, Ed?
Just messin' with ya.
I had about 2 hrs worth of Rage on my MP3 for my trip to Daytona. Man, you won't be saving any gas listening to that. Full Throttle all day, buddy......
41 - 41 of 41 Posts
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