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Bike Heros Going to Four Wheels

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i wonder if his body is hurting or he's tired of winning...
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He has nothing left to prove. He is the Best MX racer in the history of the world. No one has won more titles. Why beat yourself up. Try something new and see how it goes. I hope that MB2 step up the program. The current line up can't even get competitive right now. Ginn is supposed to step up the program and with luck Ginn can take a big Gibbs Racing step and run good with Mark Martin next year. RC should be fine. H*ll, If Pastrana can run competitive in a ralley car then why can't RC run NASCAR?
Perhaps he just needs a new challenge. We all need to be challenged at times. Fear... trying something new and not knowing if we'll be successful... that's what makes life interesting! Good luck, Ricky! Carpe diem!
Maybe now they can make some real money.
These guys have seemingly been around forever, and then their ages get mentioned. I'm the same age as both so it's a real case of, "and what have you done lately?"
I'd love to see Ricky race the Dakar rally on 2-wheels and see what he could chew up, but we'll have to see how he likes the 4-wheel world.
Great idea!
If RC successfully applies the same determination and work ethic to nascar that he does to motocross, the goodol' boys better watch out.
You said it! If he's going to move to Rally, he might as well do it on two wheels. Baja would be fun to see as well.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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