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Bike Stolen in '71 To Be Returned To Owner.

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Maybe there's hope my stolen mid 60's Suzuki X6 Hustler T120 will be found. FTP?
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My 78 Yamaha 750 Special was stolen in 1985. Wasn't all that much to look at though from what I remember. Who ever has it can keep it.
I used to have one of those. I wouldn't want mine back, either.
"Neither the Finnish buyer nor the seller, a Visalia resident, were suspected of wrongdoing, authorities said."

Rubbish. Scandanavian thieves are the most deliberate and methodical. Decades are mere pawns in their schemes. They absconded with Norway eons ago, right out from under our nose.

Clearly this was a rushed job.
Same story as that '68 Corvette that was intercepted last fall... 30 years after it was stolen. The system works!... eventually.
Hey I most likely have some parts for it around here somewhere...
And to think I had almost given up hope on my Triumph Tiger cub stolen in 1975
The e-mail groups devoted to antique bikes have frequent messages asking "How do I get a title and registration papers?" It seems that several states didn't have any requirement to issue or check specific title documents. Just as appears to be the case here, neither the current owner nor the purchaser have any clear idea of the past history of the bike.

It is my understanding - though it has no particular basis in stastically verified fact - that the majority of stolen bikes either go to Mexico right away, or are chopped for parts. If that is indeed true, it makes stories like this one quite surprising.
This was obviously steal-to-order job. It was just that the Finnish guy couldn´t come up with the dough immediately.

- cruiz-euro

What kind of pre -71 Yamaha could possibly be worth shipping from California to Finland? I mean have a look at the map, we are talking about $hitloads of cost here. The finnish dude should be charged for being criminally silly.

- cruiz-euro
I'll bet it went straight to one of the hundreds of Jap bike salvage yards to be parted out.
A DT1?
It was a 1970 RT1 Enduro (Black tank, yellow stripes).

Long live the Yamaha Enduro!
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