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Bike Suggestions - Similar to Ducati ST3

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Sounds like you have enjoyed your ST3. I vote for sticking with the Duc. Why move to an '07 from the '05?

Triumph will save you some cash and give you a bunch more ponies under the hood. The VFR is a favorite but just doesn't have the Ducati flair.
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Did you see the Dakar coverage is on, have you ever fished for Northern Pike?

ADD much, oh look, a chicken.
Oh, I wish that were me. Look, I'm no sue happy person, far from it. I'd throw the old kbb, Nadaguide and everything else out the window and insist that they replace your bike. We don't even want to discuss the value your most special of all gifts your wife/girlfriend/boyfriend/sugar daddy gave you.
You want HIGH book on yours and you want COST on the new one. You'll do all your parts shopping there and any toys and service is only going to be through them.

If they don't want to make their mistake right, screw 'em. You don't need to be a PITA but get what you "need." Talk to nobody but the owner.

With the mistake on them, all "value" of your bike goes out the window. Don't get your insurance involved or settle on anything that really ends up costing you money. I'm not sure which dealer you are working with so it's hard to say how things could be handled other than with ducati.(maybe they have a tuono you'd like to ride, dunno)

Bottom line is, you could make money out of a lawsuit, you just want a bike. Again talk to the owner and ask how this is going to be solved, I think you'll be "made whole."

You have to keep me posted.

-Good luck.
1 - 5 of 91 Posts
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